100 PR Ideas


I believe, with the right expert advice, anyone can learn to do their own PR. To save you the trouble of spending hours in overwhelm-land pulling the I’m-so-confused-what-the-hell-do-I-do face I’ve put together my top 100 PR ideas that are SO easy to implement.

Fancy turning the tables and your competitors drooling over the media coverage you are getting? Always wanted to get your business ‘out there’ but never knew where to start?

I love nothing more than using everything I know about PR and wrapping it up in a delicious done-for-you way to ensure every business gets the opportunity to feature in the press.

So here are my 100 PR ideas to help you PR like a pro and start getting noticed by the media. Just pop your email address in the right so I know where to send it and it’s yours.

Warning… taking action after reading this will explode your business profile. You ready?