Case study: Rosie and City AM

I thought it was about time I started sharing case studies of my clients and business owners who have achieved fantastic gain media coverage and really raised their business profile from taking the advice from my free content, my Facebook community and my 1:1 coaching.

Today we’re kicking off the case studies with Rosie Slosek’s massive win. Rosie mentors women to get clear on their business finances allowing their business to grow. She lives in London with her partner and practically lives down her allotment in the summer. You can find out about Rosie on her website here.

Rosie landed a newspaper article that took her minutes to proactively find and the have confirmed by editors. I love her story because it shows how easy media exposure can be to get and how it is absolutely relevant to all business owners.

Here’s Rosie’s story about how she landed BIG media coverage just from one tiny piece of action…

“I knew I wanted to write a piece for the newspaper serving the City in London. I’d read it since it started and I loved the fresh style of the journalism and it was a window into another world. It added another level of interest for me when I moved to London to an area where a lot of people work in the City.


But the big question was how. As my business isn’t a multi billion global corporation nor even the standardly defined small business as that’s a business with a turnover of less than £2m. That’s not me – yet! I’m in the one person business who isn’t required to register for VAT category.


So how was I going to get into City AM?”

And how Rosie got media exposure from the well known media outlet was rather spectacular and a strategy I regularly recommend to clients.

Here’s how she did it and how easy it was as easy as pie…

“One morning, like any other morning, I was sitting at my favourite cafe by the Tube station, watching the commuters hustle past on their way to work. I too would soon get up and walk back through the wood to my own desk and start my own work day.


This day was different as I read the lead article in City AM about what the Chancellor of the Exchequer had said the day before. I knew immediately this was my chance and I had a perfect angle for a follow up piece for the newspaper.


So I did something I can’t believe now I did so easily. I went back to my home office and rang the City AM switchboard for the Business Editor… and was put through!”


Read how you can get media coverage from someone else’s news by ‘newsjacking’ here.

Rosie continues…

“I pitched my idea and it was accepted. I was given a word count and a generous 2 day deadline. I wrote the piece, emailed it in, confirmed the edits and it was published.


It was THAT easy. The whole thing took 2 hours, including the call, writing the piece, the emails and edits.


I’m not going to say my life forever changed and my business was immediately inundated with clients because it wasn’t. City AM readers aren’t my audience as a rule. That wasn’t the point.


It was an ambition much like my ambition to have a feature in Vogue (that one is really terrifying as I am not a fashion model and once spent summer with bare legs, skirts and no waxing. Try it, it’s surprising how many don’t notice you have hairy legs).


And I tell you what, the feeling of scoring an ambition and having a 2/3 page feature in the top publication for one of the world’s financial centre’s? That’s pretty damn cool. So if I can do it, so can you!”


I absolutely love this story from Rosie and she’s right, you can absolutely do it too! All you need is the mindset that you are ready to see and open to receiving your opportunity… and it will be there for you!

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Guide to getting your business media-ready (even if you haven’t ‘made it’ yet)

It’s easy to think that media coverage isn’t for you. We’ve all been there, even the people we deem super successful no doubt had moments of questioning themselves and if they would have anything newsworthy to share with the world.

I have created a guide to show you exactly how you can get your business media-ready, even if you do not think you have ‘made it’ yet.

In this guide you will discover how to;

  • Create a simple marketing plan
  • Find your audience
  • Check yourself out online
  • Get in the right mindset
  • Pull out newsworthy stories
  • Become an authority in your niche
  • Think like a journalist
  • Take inspired action

So let’s dive in…

Put your plan in place

Creating a plan to strategically set out your marketing and PR activities does not need to be a scary or daunting process.

You can keep your planning simple and present it in a way that is easy to follow and,more importantly, encourages you to refer back to it regularly and actually take action to implement it.

Having a plan in place allows you to set out your goals and any objectives. Every good plan starts with an end goal. From this you can work backwards to assign tasks into your diary to make it happen.

Here’s a few ideas to get started…

Find out how to plan your marketing and PR with my free template here

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Know your audience

What’s newsworthy will depend on your audience too. So what a 20 year old finds interesting will most likely be different from someone at 70. And the same with someone who lives in the country or in the city perhaps.

Once you have your ideal clients and the group you want to target you then need to consider what they read, watch or listen to.

If you’re unsure you can use tools like Survey Monkey to share a survey with them or easily do a poll on social media. This will give you valuable information to then know which exact media outlets you need to pitch to for you to get right in front of prospective buyers.

Here’s how to get started…

7 steps to turn your audience into a client wait list

Mrs Wobble The Entrepreneur

Check yourself out (online!)

Once you are getting on the radar of the media they will start to find you online, whether by accident, by searching for people or to check you out after you pitch something to them.

It’s a good idea to regularly Google yourself to check what comes up. That goes for your personal name as well as your business name if they are different. See what pages come up in Google and ensure all those links work and the information is up-to-date.

Revisit your social media profiles and make sure all your information is relevant, the pictures reflect your business well and all your profiles look wonderful.

Then make a note in your diary to do this again in 2-3 months time.

Also have a visit to your website to ensure the homepage immediately shows visitors what you do, who you are and who your business serves. Create a media alluring website by ensuring all your contact information is easy to find and they can very quickly find out what topics you love talking or writing about.

If you’re unsure or need a fresh set of eyes on your website, ask a business pal to give you their feedback. This is good practice to do regularly anyway to ensure clients are having a good experience in your website too.

Discover how to get started by reading…

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Get in the right mindset

When raising your business profile and becoming more visible, mindset is huge. It is easy to get in our own way and self-sabotage opportunities through fear.

A good way to start to tackle this is considering what the worst case scenario is. Often the outcomes we believe are frightening don’t seem to scary when we write them down.

If you are blocked around pitching yourself to the media, it could be that you are not scared of writing an email to introduce yourself or getting a no… it could be that you are scared of the YES. Hone in on these mental triggers and become self-aware of them so you can work through them and become confident to become more visible.

Start becoming more comfortable with your growing visibility by reading this…

How to become confident putting yourself ‘out there’

Pull out your stories

Sharing your news and stories with the media needs to come from a place of serving your audience, not a pushy sales tactic.

Often we know we should promote our business but we’re not sure how or if anyone will want to read what we have to say.

Finding an interesting story to tell may sound really obvious, but it’s surprising how many people get it wrong and in reality no one outside their business would really want to hear about what they have to say.

Yes it’s interesting to you if you have just bought a new piece of equipment for your business, but will someone really want to read about that? Or perhaps you’ve just hired a new member of staff?

Again, is this exciting enough to get someone in the media to write about it?

What you can do is use all the normal business news you have already, we don’t want to make things up, but try and find a twist or a different way of telling the same story.

So, I just used the example of a new member of staff. Now, did you hire them because you are designing a new product, or launching a new service? Are they an intern or a graduate because you really want to give something back and spend time training someone. Those are all really interesting ways to tell exactly the same story.

Find out how to start getting media attention by jumping on other people’s news stories here…

How to use other people’s news to get in the media

Become an authority

To become a go-to person in your field, you need to consider commenting on news stories and industry issues. It’s an exciting opportunity to put your opinion into the world for your audience to see. Journalists will always be writing about topics relating to or directly affecting your industry or services and when they do, you can become the person they want to talk to.

When you stop following everyone else’s opinions and voice your own, this is when you become a thought leader.

If you’re not ready to be named as an expert in your niche then that is totally fine. What you can do is position yourself as an authority. You won’t need to be completely in the spotlight as THE expert but you will still be seen as an influence and one to watch.

Here’s how you can start to become known for what you know…

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Put yourself in the mind of a journalist

Would a journalist want to publish what you have to say? It’s important to keep this in mind when writing anything to promote your business whether the media or considering prospective clients.

When you start going off on a tangent in your press release or article, keep reminding yourself if it will still be relevant and of interest to a journalist as well as prospective readers.

Create a headline for your story. Think if a newsreader was reading your story on the ten o’clock news, how they would introduce it in an enticing title. You can then play with this and decide how to jazz your news up to make it more appealing to the media.

A journalist is kind of like a receptionist at your doctor’s surgery. You have to get through them to get to the doctor, win them over on the phone, even word your problem in a way that will make them realise you really need that appointment.

The journalist is the gatekeeper to your story getting ‘out there’ to your potential audience so do yourself justice and get them on board and they can have the power to help you get your message or story into the world.

Here’s how to step into the spotlight as a business owner…

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Take action

The magic happens when you take action. It’s all very well having a plan but unless you assign tasks into your diary and actually make a commitment to make your dreams a reality, chances are it won’t happen.

Consider your goals and where you want to take your business and then work backwards to create a manageable and achievable plan to make it happen.

Put yourself forward for opportunities and get your name and your business ‘out there’. Pitch yourself for expert comments, articles, guest blog posts, podcast interviews, newspaper opinion pieces… it’s all for the taking!

Here’s how to take inspired action and make BIG things happen for your business…

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If you loved this and are ready to get your business media-ready I have something you do not want to miss…

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Why your marketing is not working

When you’re been doing your own marketing for a while, it is really hard to see the wood through the trees. You can feel like you’ve hit a brick wall or quite often you don’t realise there’s a problem until the enquiries (and the money) stops coming in.

The good news?

Your “Why is my marketing not working?” thoughts can easily be rectified.

Maybe the strategies you used in the past just aren’t now getting traction or the money you’re throwing into Facebook ads is struggling to be an effective way to promote your business.

If this resonates with you then please know that you are not alone. Most of us, at one time or another, have been there. Whilst most people have been in the same boat, not everyone will be self-aware enough to realise that things need to change.

But where do you start? How do you know when your marketing isn’t working?

Here’s the reasons why your marketing isn’t working and how you can make it work for you once again…

You’re not standing out

I always say to my clients, if people aren’t buying your products or services it isn’t necessarily because they are rubbish. Usually people aren’t buying from you because they haven’t found you yet.

Having some media credentials is always helpful to become more visible and add logos into your ‘as seen in’ image and can be relatively simple to achieve.

Check out a plethora of visibility boosting advice here

If there is no clear difference between you and your competitors then you aren’t going to stand out. Customers won’t take notice. While I urge you not to spend too much time on researching competitors, it is a good exercise initially to see what they’re offering.

How can you serve your clients differently? What can you offer than no one else does? Why does your personal and career experiences set you apart from competitors?

Start by writing out a list of benefits your customers have from working with you. Then define your brand, your messaging and your values. Basically, set aside time to ensure you know what your business is and what it stands for. Your values should be aligned with your business goals and where your business is heading.


Times have changed my friend

Things change. Industries change. The internet evolves. Products and services are launched every day making more competitors and more noise online.

The developments in the online world are challenging for even the pros to keep up with so with a million other things to focus on, it can be tough to keep up.

Chances are things have moved on since you started your business so it’s a good idea to try and become aware of what has happened to your industry, perhaps even your customer’s industry to start to get an idea of how you can implement new ways to connect with your audience.

You can outsource expertise to implement your new marketing ideas or to create a strategy for you to then use.


You are not marketing to the right people

As with the last point on times changing, you could find yourself marketing to a group of people who are no longer going to buy from you. Maybe you’ve changed niche and your old customers aren’t keen on purchasing services on your new path.

Whilst I am a big believer in focusing on marketing activities you love, I would always add that there has to be a sweet spot between that and what your customer will connect with. If you love writing yet your audience wants to watch video then you may have to consider marketing in this new way to be noticed.

Hone in on who your audience is so you can decide the right marketing activities to get in front of them. Consider how your audience consumes their news and information by looking at what they are reading, watching and listening to right now.

You do not need to worry about mass marketing, all you need to do is get your products in front of people who are ready to buy.


You’re a little inconsistent

  • “How often should I post in my Facebook group?”
  • “How often should I write a blog post?”
  • “How often should I do Facebook Lives?”
  • “How often should I email my list?”

These are just a few questions I am asked ALL the time by clients and my community of business owners. My answer is not a statistic, it’s…


If things are irregular or sent at randomly without too much thought of your brand or messaging you confuse your audience.

Trust will created once you are consistent. Consistency could be sending your mailing list regular content right through to the images or brochures you design matching the design of your website.

When people find you online, they may not recognise your name but they will recognise the branding.

Start creating consistent marketing with a simple brand guidelines including fonts, colours and tone of voice to use. Having this makes things easier to manage yourself or for you to handover to your team.


Listen to feedback

Take a step back and remember recent conversations you had with your clients. Were they telling you what they were struggling with? Did they share with you why they bought your products – was it need or desire?

Listen to what your clients are telling you about your business, the good and the bad. Chances are you will have valuable feedback already without realising it.

As well as listening to current clients you can also use the opportunity to do market research and release a survey to potential customers. You can also look at some statistics too, to see what blog posts or social media posts had much higher views or reactions. This will start to give you an idea on what your audience is enjoying seeing from you.

Feedback will help you evaluate your overall business strategy to ensure you are delivering what your customers need from you.

Loved this and want to know how to nail your marketing and grow your business?

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5 ways to know if a Mastermind is right for you

I love Masterminds. I do. Truly. Find the right one and they will unquestionably help explode your business, whether through business coaching or just the support of other lovely people around you.

Now I’m starting to host my own Mastermind as well as experienced them for myself I’ve been asked a lot about if a Mastermind is the right fit for some business owners? My answer to every is YES.

You may like to read ’10 reasons why I love Masterminds’ too

With the right mindset it is incredible what opportunities are in store for you. Find a group who understands your visions, your personality fits in and where you will learn or be coached through training and personal development through in-person meet ups or online calls.

Here are 5 ways to know if a Mastermind is right for you…


  1. You feel really alone running your business

Most self-employed people will relate to the feeling of isolation and feeling alone while running their business. Mastermind groups give you the chance to network and support others as well as receive valuable feedback and coaching yourself.

You get to feel like you have colleagues and business associates yet still remain captain of your own ship. That is really special!

  1. You want accountability

There are free groups out there, particular Facebook communities, that say they offer accountability but it is REALLY hard to find someone as invested in your business as you are. Fact. Life gets in the way and the person who said they’d help keep you accountable has let you down again. It happens… a lot.

Joining a Mastermind automatically gives you accountability. If you want to pitch for new business, launch an e-course or host an event your group can help you keep accountable to your intentions.

It takes a real strong willed person to stick to their own personal deadlines so having this group around you to support you is priceless.

  1. You are ready to re write your story

The one thing that will get in our way of success is… us. We can easily create a story for ourselves that is ‘I don’t finish things’ just because you left a job once and it stuck, or ‘good things don’t happen to me’ because a few bad things happened as a teenager. We then take these stories into our adult lives.

Personally I told myself ‘I don’t finish things’ because I left college just before exams, and University once. I told myself that good things don’t happen to me. The real story? I was scared. I was scared that I could get everything I’d been told only happened in the movies. I self-sabotaged. I destroyed opportunities. I created a barrier between me and happiness.

It doesn’t have to be this way. All we need to do is re write our story and we can be anyone we want and achieve EVERYTHING we dreamed of. It’s not just for the movies… it’s your for the taking.

  1. You’re stuck in a rut or at an income plateau

If you’ve tried loads of ways to create more income but launch to the sound of crickets or are banging your head against a brick wall (again) then a Mastermind will help get you out of pretty much any rut.

The group can come together to help you solve a problem, whether a short or long term vision, and give you ideas for a strategy and advice to solve your challenges. Even if your problem is not within the groups skill set they will offer friendly advice which, in a time of need, is as comforting as strategic advice.

  1. You have loads of ideas for your business and not sure which to do first or how to create a business model

It is easy nowadays, with the help of the Internet, to run away with our ideas. We can think up a new service, create a sales page and send it out to our audience within hours. Whilst this strategy can work, it’s a good idea to have a business model in place and plan out what you will launch throughout the next few months or even the next year.

Having a Mastermind group around you will allow you to brainstorm your ideas and if you have 1:1 sessions with your coach you can really hone in on how to create a business model from both your expertise and your dreamy ideas.

All you need is a plan in place and the right support around you.

If you want to grow a successful business you need the right marketing in place to allow you to get directly in front of those customers who need you and are ready to buy

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How to plan PR and marketing for your business (plus free template)

Creating a marketing plan to support your business plans for world domination can seem rather daunting.

Well I want to share with you right now it does not have to be this way.

Every good plan starts with an end goal. The magic then happens when you assign tasks in your diary and set deadlines. Taking inspired action is what will get you to where you want your business to be.

Any plan you create needs to be flexible. You can change or add in parts once you get started but you need somewhere to start with first.

Here’s how to start coming up with a marketing and PR plan to suit your business goals and visions, to then make it happen…

Grab my free marketing plan workbook here too


Briefly describe why you are planning to use PR and marketing in your business.

For example, to find new clients, make specific amount of income a year or to eventually sell your business. It’s your business so anything goes here.

Define what success looks like to you

If I could wave my magic wand and you have become more visible, you have the clients you dreamed of and have positioned yourself as an expert in your field, what is happening for you right now?

Don’t think of the ‘how’ here, dream big!

For example, you have a regular newspaper column, you’re interviewed on TV regularly, your charity has the funding you needed, the BBC calls you when they need a comment on a breaking news story or you are earning a certain amount of income.


Consider what you are looking to achieve from using marketing and PR. Your goal is aligned with what success looks like to you but set yourself some goals.

For example, you can use either with stats and monetary values or simply note down the reason you want to earn more money is to buy your family a new home or so you can outsource and grow your team.

Also consider your business goals for the next 6 and 12 months, even the next 3-5 years if you can manage that far ahead.

For example, what is your income, how many clients are you working with, what does you life look like in the near and distant future.

Remember to grab my free marketing plan workbook here too


The main audience you want to target. Then list other audiences you wish to target.


Key messages you want to get out to the above audiences. They may differ for each audience.

Strategy and tactics

Keeping things simple and manageable you will need to consider what strategy and activities you will use to smash your business goals. List any ideas you have to implement your strategy.

If you’re unsure what strategies will work for you, you can always check out the plethora of ideas on my blog


Think about what communication tools you will use to support your marketing activities. Perhaps note down any tools or systems you may need to invest in too.

For example, sending newsletters you’ll need to have an email host, social media may require a scheduling tool, writing press releases may need a media list purchasing and creating content may need an assistant to help you with the tech side.

Media targets

Have some fun here and create a wishlist of dream publications and media names you’d love to feature in. Write a list or if you’re a visual person try creating a private Pinterest board or vision board of all their logos.

For example, your local radio station, industry specific media, your favourite magazines or people you’d love to interview you.

Grab the free workbook to get started on your marketing plan here too


Once you have a plan in place and are taking action to make things happen it’s a good idea to set time aside to recognise your efforts.

For example, 30 minutes at the end of the month over afternoon tea to review your income, client conversion rates or social media and newsletter growth stats.

Action plan

It’s all very well having a plan but unless you take inspired action it probably will never come to fruition. Setting achievable goals means your plan will be manageable and even small daily tasks or each week will still do big things for you.

Set tasks in your diary and, this is important, set a deadline to each task too. Now take inspired action to make your dreams a reality.

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard. Growing your business should be fun… and this is why I have something incredible to share with you.

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