As a Marketing and PR Specialist I get asked a lot about how to do DIY marketing at low or no cost at all.

I often dislike using the terms ‘DIY’, ‘budget marketing’ and ‘free’ because of the association of those words. They can often read as if it cheapens what you’re doing and trying to achieve.

BUT stick with me and I will show you how to do your own marketing (and PR) without losing any class. If anything, my advice will set you above your competitors who paid to advertise and who threw loads of money into their marketing efforts.

It doesn’t have to be that way and I’m going to show you how.

For the love of all that is DIY…

Firstly, just to set the scene and tell you where my love of elegant DIY tips started. Well, straight out of University I was a wedding coordinator in a beautiful 4* country hotel.

I loved spending time with my brides and I would pick up tips from the money conscious ones. One couple I remember had a fake wedding cake on the huge stand in front of guests… it literally was just iced cardboard. Imagine that!

When 7pm came the staff took it out the back to pretend to cut it but we had supermarket fruit cake on trays for the guests. I mean, how amazing is that!

It was my favourite incredible-wedding-on-a-budget tip of all time so I used to tell all my brides about it and had I not moved out the area I potentially would have put all local cake makers out of business.

This then started my obsession for elegant DIY or classy ways to have first class experiences while keeping the spending to a minimum.

Side note: If you’re planning a wedding please feel free to use the awesome cake tip above… this will easily save you £500. You’re welcome!


Here’s my top ways to have champagne marketing on a lemonade budget…

  • Host a Facebook Live series or challenge. This could be daily live videos from Monday through to Friday on a chosen theme your audience will love, where the first four days is pre thought out content and the last day as an open Q&A session.

  • Pitch an article idea to magazines. Find publications your ideal clients read and think about what problems they have that you could solve with a how-to article. 

    Find out how to write your email pitch here

  • Invite some awesome people to contribute a guest blog post or comment on one of your blog posts (they will then tell their audience about it and it gets more visitors to your site and you in front of more people).

  • Reach out to event organisers near you and offer to speak at their events. Ensure you do some research to ensure potential customers will be there or people who will benefit from your talk.

  • Host a ‘buy me a coffee and I’ll give you twenty minutes of advice’ at your local cafe. This is great to get your name out there and practice talking to people about your business if you’re just starting out or moved to a new area.

Only do the activities that you adore doing!

You do not have to do everything to become more visible. Just pick out the activities that are right for you, that are aligned to what you’re comfortable with and where you’re business is heading.

If you hate public speaking, don’t do public speaking.

If you don’t like writing, don’t write for magazines.

If you love talking on camera as a coach, get on Periscope or start adding videos to your blog posts.

If you are a people person and own a brick and mortar business then get out there and exhibit at a local business show, or one that is relevant to what you do, maybe negotiate a complimentary exhibition stand in exchange for hosting a workshop or speaking at the event.

Decide what you’re comfortable with and just go with that, never do things you don’t enjoy because it just isn’t worth it and won’t be done as well as things you love doing.

There are visibility boosting activities for all personality types, you just have to find what’s right for you!

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