I cannot tell you the amount of times I am excited to find a blog page on a company’s website. If I’m on their website, chances are I want to discover more about them. So imagine my feeling when this blog area is just their latest offer or the times they’re open that week. Cue snore fest.

So what’s the secret to turning your own blog into an engaging place to entice readers to opt-in to your freebies, consume your advice and even buy from you?

Most people still think that keeping a business blog going is telling the world what you’re doing but really it goes deeper than that. You need to be showcasing the expertise of you and your team, creating content that resonates with your ideal clients and writes in a style that connects with readers.

If you have a personal blog then, by all means, be personal and share your family photos etc but those that are looking to blog for their businesses need to think about what their readers want to hear and be strategic with how they use their time. Will people subscribe to your biyearly posts about a job you worked on? Probably not. What readers will tune into is informative and interactive pieces where they may also be able to take something away from it even if they do not opt-in to your mailing list or choose to buy from you.

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Creating great blog posts can seem an overwhelming task at first but once you nail it your readers will soon enough become raving fans.

Here’s a list of 10 things that any business can blog about right now…


1. Get to know you

This could be describing your typical work day, how and why your business started, the history of your team or another personal piece. Readers love getting to know the blogs creators and business founders and are more likely to subscribe for your later updates once they get to know you better.

2. Review something

Visited some amazing websites recently? Just finished a training course? An e-book? Found an app you think your industry cannot live without? Write a review about it. Tag the other business or author in your social media posts about your blog too as they can then easily share your post with their audience.

3. Topical piece

Has something happened in the news this week that affects your industry? Do you have an opinion on a news story that has just broken affecting your business? Host a live stream, prerecord a video or audio and create a blog post from it.

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4. Your favourites

Share a bunch of links or a roundup of your favourite websites or blogs. It gives readers a feel for what makes you tick but also shares content that will be of interest to them too.

5. Product launch

Launched a new product or service? Tell your audience about it telling them about the benefits to them, not just what it does or what it includes. Even if you are launching a new opt-in freebie, be sure to create blog posts on similar topics to promote them.

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6. Testimonials and case studies

There’s nothing quite like a raving review or social media love for your business to help sell your products. Ask past clients to write a review for you or better yet, record an on-camera interview of how your products or services has helped them and put together a mini case study. This content shows readers the real results they could expect to see should they take the next step and work with you.

7. How to’s & top tips

If in doubt, always go for a ‘how to’ or ‘top tips’ style blog post. These blog posts get shared on social media a lot and allow you to showcase your expertise on topics within your Zone of Genius.

Chose a title that will grab attention, potentially based on a popular issue you know your clients have and the title is the answer. For example, ‘How to lose 10lbs before the Christmas party without going to the gym or giving up cake’.

8. Q&A

What do your customers ask you a lot that you are perhaps surprised more people don’t know? Brainstorm some common questions you get asked by your community and clients and answer them in a long Q&A post, a series of posts or depending on how many popular questions you have they could each have their own blog post.

9. Ask a question yourself

Posting a poll is a great way to start to engage with your readers. Social media is a great place to start the conversation or you can host this in your website in a sidebar or a blog post. You can then make blog posts and future content out of the results you find too.

10. Something juicy

If you have a real meaty subject that you could write for hours on then consider creating a 3-part blog series on the topic instead. It makes 3 pieces of content so you don’t need to come up with additional ideas plus keeps the reader excited for the next part and you couldn’t ask for more!

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