Business coaching and strategy for anyone setting sail on the voyage to raise their business profile. From all hands on deck done-for-you projects to showing you the ropes through coaching.

I’m not part of the London rat race and I’m certainly not about huge companies piling on pressure… been there, got the whole wardrobe of t-shirts. I get results using my proven relaxed approach from my seaside base.

I live for giving easy-to-implement advice to help business owners and leaders gain media coverage and become comfortable with their growing visibility. My zone of genius is helping entrepreneurial folk find ways in which to promote themselves that are aligned with their personality, fit their business and allow them to reach ALL their goals.

Working with me means turning my client’s audience into a client wait list. It’s hard not to make you famous. If you want media coverage or you want to grow your confidence to get to that stage then we will be a great fit. If you are passionate about what you do, I will be too… it’s infectious, and so will the media!

I’ve been fortunate to work with some pretty big names in the corporate and online business world. Here’s just a taster of where my clients have recently been published in the media and what they had to say about working with me…

  • The Telegraph 
  • Sainsbury’s Magazine
  • Yahoo! 
  • The Times 
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Women’s Own magazine
  • The Mirror newspaper
  • Huffington Post

You don’t have to be at the top of your game to work with me, we can connect at any stage of your business. Together we pull out your newsworthy stories and share it with targeted media outlets to get you ‘out there’.

Day-to-day you can find me in my home office sourcing juicy media coverage opportunities with my team, hosting coaching and mastermind sessions, writing my upcoming book, picnicking at the beach with my son or binge watching my latest find on Netflix.

Want to discover how you too can become more visible and raise your business profile?

Money, fame and success is waiting for you…