Feeling major brain fog when it comes to promoting your business or how to make more money?

I’m making it easier than ever for business owners to access PR, content, online business strategy advice. Join me for deep dive coaching session and you will have the full attention of a media expert where we make magic creating content ideas, ways to use PR that is aligned with your personality and work on any mindset issues that may pop up blocking you from achieving your goals.

PR isn’t rocket science. With the right expert guidance, anyone can learn to do it!


Would you love to…

  • go from unanswered pitches to media superstar?
  • go from a media nobody to a go-to somebody?
  • put all those content ideas into a plan that resonated with your audience turning them into a client wait?
  • become confident with your growing visibility and get featured in the media?


All of this and SO much more can happen for you… here’s how!

Join me for a deep dive coaching session...

Here’s how we roll…


  • Deep dive coaching session through Skype (around 90 minutes)
  • Report from our session including all our ‘aha’ moments & strategy ideas sent to you within 24 hours

We can cover A LOT of ground in these sessions. Here’s just a taste of what you could gain from the deep dive session…

  • content plan created & all mapped out including optins, blog posts, social posts and ecourses
  • clarity on ways to raise your profile that are aligned with your business and match your personality type
  • tips to get your blogs, articles or press releases featured in the media
  • mindset shifts from recognising any blocks or fears around your growing visibility
  • and SO much more!


Naturally, we can’t go into all of these within our session, I recommend you check out my coaching packages for more ongoing 1-2-1 support.

Hi I’m Kerri Walker, a Business Coach specialising in Marketing and PR. Over the years I’ve worked with household names brands as well as smaller businesses gaining A LOT of media coverage in big name media outlets for years.

Whilst the buzz of getting a ‘yes’ from an editor or journalist makes fist bump the air and do the upper-body-desk-boogie, this excitement soon disappears as I move on to the next task. In coaching, the feeling of empowering business owners to put themselves out there and remove fears they have of promoting themselves NEVER fades.

I’m able to use all my experiences of how exactly to get the media drooling over you from running PR agencies and a successful consultancy business. I manage PR and content marketing for clients and saw a huge need to give smaller businesses access to all the secrets… and someone to be their cheerleader coaching them to the same level of success of those with huge budgets.

As seen in…


Showing businesses how to get in the media & have the confidence to do so is my zone of genius. Here's what my clients have to say...

Money, fame and success are waiting for you...

If you would like to use the session to review a press release, articles or anything you’re writing, be sure to email them to me in advance to discuss on the call. To confirm and schedule your session, just click the button below.

The investment in the deep dive coaching session is $295


What happens after I confirm my session?

By clicking the button on this page you will be taken to PayPal to make payment. You will then be taken to my online diary to schedule your session. If you are not taken to my diary after payment or you have any technical issues please email hello@kerriwalker.co.uk.

If you have any questions just send them through via the ‘how can I help you today’ box on your screen and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.