Is raising your business profile high on your to-do list for this year?

Tired of seeing your competitors in the media commenting on your favourite topics? Know you need to raise your profile but the thought of it widens your eyes like a deer looking into headlights?

What if I told you that you, yes YOU, could be the person journalists and editors call up every time they need an expert quote on a story.

Often promoting our business can be put aside because client work, creating new products or just life gets in the way. It’s easy to think we don’t have the hours to commit to putting ourselves out there, especially as a small business owner. We are but one person after all. Even in larger businesses it’s easy to get lost in reports and managing teams rather than focus on sales, marketing or PR strategies.

Be clever about how you promote your business and you’ll never have to haggle or plead for sales…
the media will do the work for you!

I absolutely believe that with the right expert advice, anyone can learn to raise their profile. I also believe it can be done without getting up at 5am before the kids wake up or having to extend your credit card limit just to pay for more Facebook ads.

Would you…

  • love to become more visible and raise your business profile?
  • want to be the expert the radio call for a comment when a news story breaks?
  • swoon over having a clearer idea and plan for your content, publicity and marketing?
  • have the desire to be more comfortable with your growing visibility?


Sounds good right?! Well this can ALL happen for you.

Introducing Intensive Coaching with Kerri Walker...

Becoming seen as an expert in what you do will skyrocket the opportunities in front of you and your business. As an author PR will enable you to sell your services as well as your books. If you’re an entrepreneur PR will establish you as the go-to person in your field, raising your credibility to wow potential clients therefore leading to more sales. PR works for any role, any product, any company and EVERY industry.

A recent study showed PR is 90% more effective than advertising!

Bill Gates once said he would spend his last cent on PR. Even Richard Branson says that PR is infinitely more effective than a front page ad. These guys know the value of PR and I want to show you how to utilise it in your business to smash your business goals and visions just like they have.

PR isn’t rocket science and the benefits of learning about it are huge!

  • good PR makes you the person relate-able, your audience falls for you, therefore creates more sales
  • in advertising we pay people to say we’re awesome, in PR the media do it for us
  • you get to show off your expertise and look super cool
  • your ‘as seen in’ image starts filling with recognisable logos
  • you can become less proactive, saving you a lot of time, once you are positioning yourself as an expert as the media just come to you


Here's how we roll and what's included...

  • 1:1 VIP day in-person or through Skype 
  • Together we will create your marketing and/or business strategy with a plan full of ideas aligned to your personality and your business
  • Follow up session through Skype 1-2 weeks after our session 
  • 2 weeks email support after our session 
  • media makeover audit on your website, social media and online presence prior to our intensive session (worth £750 / $995)
  • Lifetime access to my Step Into The Spotlight program plus swipe files full of templates and guides to support you

This coaching experience is perfect for you if…

  • you have a physical product to sell, for example, a book, homemade gifts, clothing line etc and want to sell more of your products by gaining product reviews in the press
  • you sell time for money, you’re a coach, consultant or writer and are looking to get in front of new clients
  • you own or manage a bricks and mortar business that is hungry to expand
  • you own or manage a hotel, restaurant, spa or leisure spot that needs journalist reviews and media coverage
  • you just spent money on Facebook ads despite the last ones not making you ANY money or want to know how to use PR to smash your business goals in 2017 then a PR intensive with a recognised industry pro (yours truly) is for you!

This form of coaching is for you if you spend your days dreaming of exploding your ‘as seen in’ image and have BIG dreams to find more customers.

Why book a VIP Day with me?


You get to access the 15 years experience I have in PR, sales, marketing and events. I’ve tried all the strategies and now have THE exact formula to share with you.

I’ve done the hard work and made the mistakes, so you don’t have to. I want to show you how to make things SO easy you can get things done quickly and get back to your family and enjoy life.

By figuring out immediately who to speak to you will save countless hours of your time sourcing media opportunities. I’m around after our coaching session too so you absolutely won’t feel abandoned.

You will then be able to find PR activities that are aligned with your business AND fit with your personality type allowing you to become comfortable with your growing visibility.

I’ll give you ALL the tools and share everything I know so you don’t need to spend thousands on a PR agency.

Your investment in the VIP Day is £1,500 ($1,900)

In-person days are hosted in the beautiful New Forest, Hampshire, UK

Hi I’m Kerri Walker, a Business Coach specialising in Marketing and PR. Over the years I’ve worked with household names brands and gain media coverage in big name press every single week. I’m proud to have been featured in some pretty big places myself too.

Whilst the buzz of getting a ‘yes’ from an editor or journalist makes fist bump the air and do the upper-body-desk-boogie, this excitement soon disappears as I move on to the next task. In coaching, the feeling of empowering business owners to put themselves out there and remove fears they have of promoting themselves NEVER fades.

I’m able to use all my experiences of how exactly to get the media drooling over you from running PR agencies and a successful consultancy business. I manage PR and content marketing for clients and saw a huge need to give smaller businesses access to all the secrets… and someone to be their cheerleader coaching them to the same level of success of those with huge budgets.

As seen in…

Helping business owners find media fame is absolutely my zone of genius. I'm trusted by some pretty fabulous names in the online business world...

So what could you actually walk away with from joining me in this coaching experience?

  • clear idea of business and PR strategies and ideas specifically for your business
  • lead magnets and content ideas to gain a monstrous mailing list
  • advice and templates for pitching your business to the media
  • PR ideas that fit your personality and you feel confident implementing
  • pitch emails and press release written and tools to use them
  • coordinating book or product reviews in the press
  • how to source media opportunities, speaking opportunities and interviews
  • SO much more!

Money, fame and success are waiting for you...

Your investment for this VIP Day is £1,500 ($1,900)

In-person coaching days are hosted in the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire, UK. We can also do exact same coaching day virtually through Skype. The New Forest is just 30 minutes from Winchester, 20 minutes from Southampton and Southampton airport, 20-30 minutes from Bournemouth. London Gatwick airport is around 90 minute drive away.

I ask for full payment prior to our day together which, depending how far in advance you confirm your date, we can set up a payment plan that works for you.

Confirm your date or enquire below. Click below to apply and to tell me about your business. Once I receive this I’ll be in touch to arrange a time to speak about if this form of coaching is the right fit for you.

Anything else on your mind? Get in touch with me here...

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