7 steps to turn your audience into a client wait list

7 steps to turn your audience into a client wait list

2 months ago I ditched the expensive marketing tools and PR activity to only create free content for my audience. I’ve saved tons of time and money.

The result?

My mailing list grew 10 times its usual growth rate, ideas out my head and into a plan, and more clients.

Would you love to hone in on what your audience wants to read, watch and listen to so you know exactly what content to create for them?

Would you like to plan out your content with ease and simplicity without feeling like you’re losing the will to continue in business?

Would you like to discover how to use content to position you as an expert and authority within your niche?

I’m going to show you exactly the techniques I use myself and with clients to go from marketing overwhelm to simple strategy so you can make better content for less.

Why do you need a client wait list?

Having a wait list of clients not only means you’re growing your business and your income but also that you know you have income coming in the near future too. The more clients we have the less sleep we’re going to lose over not making enough money and not having enough clients to work with.

And we’re not just talking about filling your diary with random people just to pay the bills. Turning your audience into a strawberry jam packed client list needs to be about surrounding yourself with your ideal clients, people you really love working with, people who make your job so easy it’s pure joy to connect with your clients every day.


Why will creating content help me become more visible?

The topic of becoming more visible and finding new clients is huge so today we’re focusing on how content can help you grow your profile.

Content, as you all will know, is huge right now, whether you love or hate it, it’s absolutely something you can do in a way that doesn’t make you feel icky.

With the right expert guidance you can start to become clear on how to hone in on your zone of genius and use it to create content that turns followers into clients and even into a wait list.

1. Think about your audience

The first thing to do is actually figure out who the people are that you want to get in front of. When you’re thinking about who your audience is, ask yourself certain questions and REALLY try to get into their head.

Who would you love to get in front of?

What do your audience want from you?

What are their struggles, what keeps them up at night?

What are your audience reading, watching and listening to?

Ask your clients, past and current, share a survey or post a poll on social media to ask what topics people want to hear about. There’s no point wasting time and pouring your soul into creating masses of blog posts that won’t get noticed.

Use websites such as Google search or AnswerThePublic.com to see what the world is searching for within your zone of genius topics.

2. Plan out your content

As with anything, having a plan in place helps you get shizzle done. Right? It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Plan however you work best. Personally I love a notebook brainstorm and then I use Trello or Google Docs to plan it out.

Having a plan in place, set out in an editorial calendar, helps me figure out what I am launching, what services I want to push etc so I can plan content or Facebook Lives around topics relating to those services.

3. Use video to get your audience to fall in ❤️ with you

We all know videos are hot right now in social media and the online world BUT this doesn’t mean just any old random video you made will go viral or even be seen by your ideal clients.

By figuring out your audience and what it is they want from you, you’ll start to explode ideas and tips to share with them all the time. Just one idea can be repurposed into SO many different things.

This is the strategy I used that grew my mailing list ten times its usual growth within 3 weeks. So this does work!

To get the most out of videos and live streaming I recommend you read this: Facebook Lives and Social Media 101

4. Be consistent

Use video or any content marketing strategy consistently and you will instantly start seeing results I promise you.

Yes you can go and get media coverage and yes there’s other ways to raise your profile but you have all of these free tools at your fingertips so it’s really worth using them.

Create regular content, that could be once a week, once a fortnight, whatever you decide to commit to but stick to it!

5. Have a workflow

Workflows may make you feel a little brain fog if you haven’t jumped into bed with content just yet but honestly they work. Try it.

For each piece of content you create, whether a written blog post or a video, use a workflow to act as a checklist for what needs to be done to make the most of it.

If, like me, you suffer from ‘magpie brain’ and your mind wanders off to something shiny then a workflow keeps you on track to get it done quicker and you won’t forget anything.

Once you’re in the swing of it, things get a lot quicker and having that workflow to use is SO beneficial and time saving as you’ll remember what order to do things and where you’re at.

6. Be yourself (you are enough!)

The secret to building an audience around you that get what you do, really dig your vibe and want to hang around you on and offline can be simple. 

Getting on their radar leads to your audience resonating with your message and wanting to work with you. Whether that’s immediately or 6 months down the line.

Focus on connecting and serving with your audience and growing a community. When you focus on only attaining more clients your head can start to get into overwhelm. When you come from a place of helping and serving your tribe you will start to not only feel good to support them but it will then organically grow into more clients.

7. Repurpose (there’s no need to make work for the sake of it!)

Whatever content you create, make a note to update it or repurpose it in some way in the near future too. It saves coming up with new ideas and if anyone finds your old blog posts they won’t have out of date information in there.

If repurposing isn’t something you’re comfortable with just yet then don’t worry. Do still remember to promote your content you’ve created after the day it was published so people continue to see it and enjoy what you worked hard to create.

Loved these 7 ways to go from audience to client wait list? Find out even more tips and tricks in my recent live training.


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10 minimal effort PR ideas for maximum gain!

10 minimal effort PR ideas for maximum gain!

As a Business Coach specialising in Marketing and PR I am always working on easy visibility boosting ideas for business owners to implement. Promoting ourselves often gets left ‘until we have time’ which, sadly, never happens.

Well, you’re in the right place! I’m all about working smarter not harder. You’re busy, I get it.

So here’s some of my favourite ways to start raising your business profile that really are minimal effort for quick-win maximum outcome…

1) Film yourself yo

If you’d love speaking opportunities to come your way then allow the media and event organisers to find examples of you speaking at other events or even just to your webcam so they can see if you’d be the right fit for them. Having these on your social media accounts and on your website will allow key people to send amazing opportunities your way, all from the time it takes to upload to your website.

2) Sign up for #JournoRequests

#JournoRequest is a hashtag used on Twitter by journalists looking to find experts to help with their articles. Even if you don’t pitch yourself to them, it’s a great research tool to see the kind of things the media are looking for to get your creative juices thinking about for any future PR activity you may do. You can type #JournoRequests into the Twitter search bar or you can sign up to get all the best ones delivered to you saving you loads of time www.journorequests.com.

3) Repurpose your content

Double your chances of search engines and prospective clients finding your blogs posts by repurposing your blog posts into LinkedIn articles. Google loves LinkedIn Pulse and it also gives you the opportunity to reach your contacts there that may not have seen your original post. Always include the original blog link from your website too.

4) Track yourself (and the news!) on Google Alerts

Keep an eye on when you are mentioned in the media and on certain keywords the media are talking about by setting up a Google Alert. This takes seconds to do. Remember to share any media coverage on social media and newsletters to tell everyone about it… shout about it, don’t whisper, no one will hear!

5) Host a ‘buy me coffee’ morning

This is great if you’re just setting up a services business or perhaps new to an area and want to get to know people. Give 20 minutes of your time in exchange for a coffee while you chat to local business owners and offer free advice. This is perfect for coaches and consultants (and cafe lovers)!

6) Get your business media-ready

When you start to do PR activity it’s important to get your business media ready. If you’re pointing people to your website or social accounts, make sure they’re all up-to-date and all your links etc are working. Just one example is adding recent photos of customers enjoying your product to your website, social media profiles & press page. It’s a great way for potential customers to see how much others love what you have to offer, making it much more appealing to immediately buy from you.

7) Call your local newspaper

Be brave and reach out to your local newspaper. Local press can often be overlooked because many business owners believe national media is what they need. While national media coverage is great, if you have a bricks and mortar business chances are you need to get in front of potential customers local to your premises. Find a local angle to a story that could secure you a write up by a nearby journalist. It gets you media coverage, in front of customers but also starts a relationship with the newspaper for future stories.

8) Consider a collaboration 

If you’re stuck on how you could serve your audience or you only have a small following, why not reach out to people you know or admire and invite them to collaborate with you on something. You could suggest co-hosting a webinar together, offer a masterclass for their mastermind group or a joint service. Whatever you decide to collaborate on ensure it is relevant to their audience leaving it irresistible to the recipient of your invitation.

9) Flirt with Facebook Live

Facebook Lives are great for adding something special to older blog posts and for new ideas that you have or stories you want to share. Connect with your audience and reach them through video to keep building their trust in you and your expertise. Once you finish your Live stream, download the video and add it to YouTube. Then go into your original blog post and embed your video. Boom!

10) Book a Marketing Magic Mini Sesh with me

I host a 3 free coaching calls a week for business owners looking to raise their profile and become more visible. I’ll help you with one area you’re struggling right now in your business when it comes to PR or marketing in this free 20 minute coaching call. Confirm your time in my diary today by clicking below…

Why being on Huffington Post isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Why being on Huffington Post isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

“How do I get on Huffington Post?”

This is the most common questions I am asked by clients and people in my community. And one that makes me wonder… why is Huffington Post such a big deal?

From my own experience and that of clients I can say that it is not easy to get on the website. The trick used to be to email Arianna Huffington herself with your idea and she (or let’s be honest, probably her team) would respond with the yes.

Recently this has changed and they are real strict on the ideas and pitches going to the generic email address or complete a form to get your idea seen.

I myself am a contributor to the website. I have access to post as many times as I like… and yet I don’t. I posted once and my account is probably collecting e-dust..

If you want to be on Huffington Post, think about your objective. Why is it so important to you that you are featured there?

Is it just to get the logo in your ‘as seen in’ image? Is it because your ideal client will find you from your piece? Or is it just because you know others who have and you want in on it too?

This goes for anywhere you want to be published. There has to be an objective, even if really simple, so you can make the most of the opportunity and get out of it what you intended.

Here’s what some of my business friends and clients said about why they want to be in Huffington Post…

Huffpost isjt all it’s cracked up to be since they made it a free for all – however the caveat on this is that it is useful for your business because it is a reputable platform to show case what you do & to the unaware, still carries clout.

Lotte Daley

I want to be featured on Huffington Post because in our online space it just has this weird stamp of authority. PLUS I’m all about trying to beef up my “as seen in” graphic.

Daire Paddy

I want to be in Huffington Post because it’s practice for media that matters. Because I agree with you that Huffington Post now doesn’t have the heft it did a few years back and while it still has value, it’s a different value.

Rosie Slosek

So in summary, while the logo may look good in your ‘as seen in’ image my personal opinion is that it really isn’t the be all and end all.

There are PLENTY of places you could be featured that would be much more effective to get you in front of your ideal audience.

Still want to get into HuffPo or want some more ideas as to where you could be published?

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How to get media coverage from other people’s news and stories

How to get media coverage from other people’s news and stories

If you’re really stuck for ideas and you have NO idea how you could get in the media at all then you’re in the right place.

What if I told you that you could be in the news or in the media somewhere from someone else’s news story?

This is known in the biz as ‘newsjacking’ and it is something that can be relevant to every single person and all businesses. Newsjacking is so relevant and often overlooked by small businesses.

You could be that person that the BBC call when a news story breaks for your expert comment on the topic in hand. You could have an article giving your opinion on a law that’s changed disrupting your industry. Even if your opinion, comment or advice is not featured in the media you can create your own content around news stories which is a great way to showcase your business and your views.

As people we love reading people’s opinions and what they have to say. So whether you choose newsjacking to gain media exposure or you want to create your own opinion pieces here are a few examples and my favourite ways to use newsjacking as a business owner…

Look at what is happening in your local area

Is there a building being constructed in your area that is really going to change things for your community or your business? Maybe you have an opinion on how this is going to effect the area, your family, your children, or your business. You can relate this to anything personal or business.

Is there a local co-working space that is opening up? You could contact the local newspapers or radio and talk about how this is a huge change or the start of something incredible for the business community. You can be that voice and authority for everyone else.

Even if you are featured for a personal story, often you can get a cheeky mention of your business in there so never overlook local press or personal opinion opportunities.

Look at what is happening in your industry

Is there new research that has come out effecting your industry or the way you work?

Is there a new statistic that has been released and you disagree with it or have a positive opinion on the research?

Has a new hire in the industry really shaken things up and caused a lot of upset?

Has a new law come out and you have to change the way you now work? Maybe the new law effects the clients you work with and you will now lose your client base and your business?

Anything that comes up within your industry, you are able to voice your opinion on the topics that arise. Whether you agree, disagree or are impartial, it all counts. If it is big industry news that you think the national or your local press would be keen to cover then just contact their news desks and pitch your opinion or idea. If it is quite niche then contact the leading industry media to be featured there.

Look at what is happening in the news

You are probably consuming the national news every day through radio, newspapers and TV so this won’t be too time consuming researching or keeping an eye on.

A great example of newsjacking on a national level is big events such as a General Election or political news of some sort. Personally this is my favourite way of newsjacking. I love politics so when there is a big political event I usually am featured in the media. I love being a part of the media when big stories break and politics is definitely one that will always have space for media coverage opportunities!

I was featured in the i newspaper last year after being interviewed about my opinion on the Autumn Statement. As part of the recent General Election I was part of a business panel giving live reactions and comments through the whole night. This was SO fun for me because of my personal interest but also was helping to position me as a voice for small businesses.

A few more examples are court cases and movies. If there is a court case coming up that is linked to your industry or directly to your business, then prepare a statement in advance then when the court date starts send it out to the media to be the first one there with a comment. If a movie is coming out soon and the main character has your job and you don’t think it represents your business well then that is something else you could talk about or share your opinion on.

These are just a few examples. You can get media exposure for any news story that breaks. All you need to do is contact the media outlets, so the news desks or individual journalists or editors and pitch yourself to them saying why you are the person to comment and introduce yourself.

Even if they aren’t able to use your opinion right then, you’ve made a new connection and they may come to you next time a story breaks!

Bonus tip

It is possible sometimes that the media will use your comment or opinion you provided and not let you know that is has been published. I know some people get frustrated by this but you do have to accept that journalists are busy people and it isn’t always possible to send links etc to you.

You can easily use Google Alerts to track media coverage. Set it up, for free, with your name as the keyword and you will be emailed any time your name is featured in content or news online.

Want to know how to use newsjacking for your business?

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Interview: How to step into your own spotlight

Interview: How to step into your own spotlight

I was fortunate enough this week to be interviewed by the incredible Sarah Leather. We’re talking; how to step into your own spotlight, how to become more visible as a female business owner, the mindset blocks that are standing in your way and my one tip for business success.

Watch the interview right here…

Step Into the Spotlight with Kerri Walker

Posted by The Sarah Leather on Montag, 12. Juni 2017

Loved the interview and want to know how you can start stepping into your own spotlight to become more visible?

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4 ways to raise your business profile today ALL within 1 hour!

4 ways to raise your business profile today ALL within 1 hour!

Becoming more visible should be easy. Making more money should be fun. Our business should bring us joy.


Well… sadly not always. It can seem a daunting task when we think about having to promote ourselves. On or offline marketing can be dull – but that’s why you need to pick some shorter term strategies for fast results and a few quick wins.

Sure, you gotta play the long game if, for example, you’re a coach because you could connect with someone and be on their radar for a year before they are ready to work with you. That’s absolutely fine. BUT there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a few quick wins and “YES! THAT HAPPENED!” moments along the way to keep you going.

Here’s my favourite 4 crazy easy ways to raise your business profile today ALL within an hour.

You ready?

Put feelers out to collaborate with super cool people (20 minutes)

Have a think about who you would love to collaborate with. Consider who you have a major business crush on and who’s audience are your ideal audience and people you’d LOVE to get in front of.

You could offer someone a masterclass or a guest expert interview for their mastermind. You could invite someone to co-host a webinar with you. You could invite someone to collaborate on a new service you think they’d be perfect (and help you sell).

Pitch yourself to 2-3 podcast hosts (20 minutes)

Podcasts are such a fun way to get in front of your audience and make great connections. Put your favourite shows you personally love to listen to on your wishlist but remember to consider which your ideal audience will be listening to as well.

Open iTunes (or the like) and type in e.g. business podcast, HR podcast or finance podcast, and loads of great shows will appear. It won’t take you long to figure out which you should be appearing on. Make a note of any that you research and who you get in touch with so you can follow up with them or keep them on your radar for the future.

If you’re usually one to shy away from the camera, podcasts are a great opportunity to practice talking about topics within your zone of genius without the pressure of being seen. Plus you can do some prep beforehand and have lots of notes on your interview topic too in front of you and no one will see!

Pitch yourself to 1 magazine (18 minutes)

Do a little research to ensure you are looking at the right magazines to feature in. Create a wishlist of dream places you’d love to feature in. Pinterest is great for this as seeing the logos is really inspiring to then take action to make it happen.

Remember to think about what your ideal clients are reading too and if they prefer printed or online publications. Then find your sweet spot somewhere in the middle and pitch an article or a feature idea you know would be a great fit for their audience.

Book a free Marketing Magic Mini Sesh (2 minutes)

Now in the video I mention Step Into The Spotlight program. Check here to see if enrolment is open. Otherwise I recommend booking on a free coaching call with me and I’ll help you with 1 area you’re stuck right now in your business.