I thought it was about time I started sharing case studies of my clients and business owners who have achieved fantastic gain media coverage and really raised their business profile from taking the advice from my free content, my Facebook community and my 1:1 coaching.

Today we’re kicking off the case studies with Rosie Slosek’s massive win. Rosie mentors women to get clear on their business finances allowing their business to grow. She lives in London with her partner and practically lives down her allotment in the summer. You can find out about Rosie on her website here.

Rosie landed a newspaper article that took her minutes to proactively find and the have confirmed by editors. I love her story because it shows how easy media exposure can be to get and how it is absolutely relevant to all business owners.

Here’s Rosie’s story about how she landed BIG media coverage just from one tiny piece of action…

“I knew I wanted to write a piece for the newspaper serving the City in London. I’d read it since it started and I loved the fresh style of the journalism and it was a window into another world. It added another level of interest for me when I moved to London to an area where a lot of people work in the City.


But the big question was how. As my business isn’t a multi billion global corporation nor even the standardly defined small business as that’s a business with a turnover of less than £2m. That’s not me – yet! I’m in the one person business who isn’t required to register for VAT category.


So how was I going to get into City AM?”

And how Rosie got media exposure from the well known media outlet was rather spectacular and a strategy I regularly recommend to clients.

Here’s how she did it and how easy it was as easy as pie…

“One morning, like any other morning, I was sitting at my favourite cafe by the Tube station, watching the commuters hustle past on their way to work. I too would soon get up and walk back through the wood to my own desk and start my own work day.


This day was different as I read the lead article in City AM about what the Chancellor of the Exchequer had said the day before. I knew immediately this was my chance and I had a perfect angle for a follow up piece for the newspaper.


So I did something I can’t believe now I did so easily. I went back to my home office and rang the City AM switchboard for the Business Editor… and was put through!”


Read how you can get media coverage from someone else’s news by ‘newsjacking’ here.

Rosie continues…

“I pitched my idea and it was accepted. I was given a word count and a generous 2 day deadline. I wrote the piece, emailed it in, confirmed the edits and it was published.


It was THAT easy. The whole thing took 2 hours, including the call, writing the piece, the emails and edits.


I’m not going to say my life forever changed and my business was immediately inundated with clients because it wasn’t. City AM readers aren’t my audience as a rule. That wasn’t the point.


It was an ambition much like my ambition to have a feature in Vogue (that one is really terrifying as I am not a fashion model and once spent summer with bare legs, skirts and no waxing. Try it, it’s surprising how many don’t notice you have hairy legs).


And I tell you what, the feeling of scoring an ambition and having a 2/3 page feature in the top publication for one of the world’s financial centre’s? That’s pretty damn cool. So if I can do it, so can you!”


I absolutely love this story from Rosie and she’s right, you can absolutely do it too! All you need is the mindset that you are ready to see and open to receiving your opportunity… and it will be there for you!

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