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We all the know the classic Janet and Allan Ahlberg children’s books (if you don’t you REALLY must get them immediately). I loved them as a child and now I read them all to my own son which is just magical.
I always loved the Happy Families series the Ahlberg’s gifted the world with, but Mrs Wobble was without doubt my favourite. I genuinely cannot get enough of reading it – and my son requests it a LOT. The last time I read it I had a huge aha moment… I read it with business owner eyes and really saw something special about the tale and realised why I was so connected to the story.

“The only problem was – she wobbled”

In the first page we discover that Mrs Wobble is a waitress, she loves her job and her customers love her, she’s clearly amazing at her job but she has a problem – she wobbles. This opener always made me sad for her because the word ‘problem’ triggers me somewhat.

“Mrs Wobble got told off again”

I’m with you there Wobble – I used to get told off when in my ‘proper jobs’ because my heart was never truly in it.

“Then Mr Wobble had an idea”

So Mrs Wobble wobbles all over the place and keeps dropping and spilling things so the boss fires her. She’s devastated and goes home crying to her husband and children. What I love about this part of the book is that they literally cry for a second and Mr Wobble has his idea.

“We can open a cafe of our own”

Why be down about losing your job when you can just create a new income stream yourself? AND from home. The business brain of the family to turn their own home into a business made me, even as a child, light up and give me goosebumps.
It took them one day to create their new cafe. One day. They didn’t think about it for years like some do with their dreams. They took inspired action immediately to make shizzle happen for them and create abundance for their family.

“Mr Wobble and the children made the menus”

The family then work as a team to create the menus and make waiter’s clothes. A family working together towards the same vision – just beautiful.

“The only trouble is what if I wobble?”

Mrs Wobble is so worried she will ruin the family’s new venture by spilling something as she wobbles. It’s so easy for us to bring our past into our new goals. It’s also easy to not recognise our skills by taking other people’s views on board.
Who’s to say the wobble is a bad thing? It’s who she is right.

“We are going to make our fortunes today, Pa”

The excitement of their shared goal is just uplifting. Surrounding yourself with people who are on the same page as you to keep your vibration high will undoubtedly explode your business. Happy you equals successful you.

“Miss Wobble skated to the rescue. She caught the soup in another bowl”

As expected Mrs Wobble wobbled but before the food fell on the floor her daughter, on roller skates, came to the rescue. Then her son did exactly the same.
Mrs Wobble’s children anticipated this would happen and went to buy equipment to avoid spillage. They didn’t try to rectify their mums challenge with wobbling, they accept who she is and adapted their way of working for her needs.

“The next day there was a big crowd in the street”

Very few businesses become overnight successes, it can take a lot of time and hard work to get there but once you nail it you ooze your message, your passion, your skills, everything to your audience and they WILL be lining around the streets to pay you for what you do.
The Wobble family created not a cafe for people to eat in but a cafe you come for an experience. Just like people buy people, they also buy experiences not just solutions to problems.

“The only trouble is – what if I don’t wobble?”

By the end of the book Mrs Wobble is owning her, what others classed a problem. She embraces her wobbling and now realises it is a part of her, it’s who she is and it’s what makes her and her business unique. Everyone has a newsworthy story to tell or their zone of genius they need to share with the world. In a short space of time Mrs Wobble no longer sees her wobbling as an issue – it’s part of the reason she will now make her income – just for being herself.

And that is why I love the book Mrs Wobble The Waitress Entrepreneur

So, how do you market your business like the big brands even if you have no budget? Just be like Mrs Wobble – be authentic, own what you do and don’t give up on your dream. You got this!
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