It’s easy to think that media coverage isn’t for you. We’ve all been there, even the people we deem super successful no doubt had moments of questioning themselves and if they would have anything newsworthy to share with the world.

I have created a guide to show you exactly how you can get your business media-ready, even if you do not think you have ‘made it’ yet.

In this guide you will discover how to;

  • Create a simple marketing plan
  • Find your audience
  • Check yourself out online
  • Get in the right mindset
  • Pull out newsworthy stories
  • Become an authority in your niche
  • Think like a journalist
  • Take inspired action

So let’s dive in…

Put your plan in place

Creating a plan to strategically set out your marketing and PR activities does not need to be a scary or daunting process.

You can keep your planning simple and present it in a way that is easy to follow and,more importantly, encourages you to refer back to it regularly and actually take action to implement it.

Having a plan in place allows you to set out your goals and any objectives. Every good plan starts with an end goal. From this you can work backwards to assign tasks into your diary to make it happen.

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Know your audience

What’s newsworthy will depend on your audience too. So what a 20 year old finds interesting will most likely be different from someone at 70. And the same with someone who lives in the country or in the city perhaps.

Once you have your ideal clients and the group you want to target you then need to consider what they read, watch or listen to.

If you’re unsure you can use tools like Survey Monkey to share a survey with them or easily do a poll on social media. This will give you valuable information to then know which exact media outlets you need to pitch to for you to get right in front of prospective buyers.

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Check yourself out (online!)

Once you are getting on the radar of the media they will start to find you online, whether by accident, by searching for people or to check you out after you pitch something to them.

It’s a good idea to regularly Google yourself to check what comes up. That goes for your personal name as well as your business name if they are different. See what pages come up in Google and ensure all those links work and the information is up-to-date.

Revisit your social media profiles and make sure all your information is relevant, the pictures reflect your business well and all your profiles look wonderful.

Then make a note in your diary to do this again in 2-3 months time.

Also have a visit to your website to ensure the homepage immediately shows visitors what you do, who you are and who your business serves. Create a media alluring website by ensuring all your contact information is easy to find and they can very quickly find out what topics you love talking or writing about.

If you’re unsure or need a fresh set of eyes on your website, ask a business pal to give you their feedback. This is good practice to do regularly anyway to ensure clients are having a good experience in your website too.

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Get in the right mindset

When raising your business profile and becoming more visible, mindset is huge. It is easy to get in our own way and self-sabotage opportunities through fear.

A good way to start to tackle this is considering what the worst case scenario is. Often the outcomes we believe are frightening don’t seem to scary when we write them down.

If you are blocked around pitching yourself to the media, it could be that you are not scared of writing an email to introduce yourself or getting a no… it could be that you are scared of the YES. Hone in on these mental triggers and become self-aware of them so you can work through them and become confident to become more visible.

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Pull out your stories

Sharing your news and stories with the media needs to come from a place of serving your audience, not a pushy sales tactic.

Often we know we should promote our business but we’re not sure how or if anyone will want to read what we have to say.

Finding an interesting story to tell may sound really obvious, but it’s surprising how many people get it wrong and in reality no one outside their business would really want to hear about what they have to say.

Yes it’s interesting to you if you have just bought a new piece of equipment for your business, but will someone really want to read about that? Or perhaps you’ve just hired a new member of staff?

Again, is this exciting enough to get someone in the media to write about it?

What you can do is use all the normal business news you have already, we don’t want to make things up, but try and find a twist or a different way of telling the same story.

So, I just used the example of a new member of staff. Now, did you hire them because you are designing a new product, or launching a new service? Are they an intern or a graduate because you really want to give something back and spend time training someone. Those are all really interesting ways to tell exactly the same story.

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Become an authority

To become a go-to person in your field, you need to consider commenting on news stories and industry issues. It’s an exciting opportunity to put your opinion into the world for your audience to see. Journalists will always be writing about topics relating to or directly affecting your industry or services and when they do, you can become the person they want to talk to.

When you stop following everyone else’s opinions and voice your own, this is when you become a thought leader.

If you’re not ready to be named as an expert in your niche then that is totally fine. What you can do is position yourself as an authority. You won’t need to be completely in the spotlight as THE expert but you will still be seen as an influence and one to watch.

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Put yourself in the mind of a journalist

Would a journalist want to publish what you have to say? It’s important to keep this in mind when writing anything to promote your business whether the media or considering prospective clients.

When you start going off on a tangent in your press release or article, keep reminding yourself if it will still be relevant and of interest to a journalist as well as prospective readers.

Create a headline for your story. Think if a newsreader was reading your story on the ten o’clock news, how they would introduce it in an enticing title. You can then play with this and decide how to jazz your news up to make it more appealing to the media.

A journalist is kind of like a receptionist at your doctor’s surgery. You have to get through them to get to the doctor, win them over on the phone, even word your problem in a way that will make them realise you really need that appointment.

The journalist is the gatekeeper to your story getting ‘out there’ to your potential audience so do yourself justice and get them on board and they can have the power to help you get your message or story into the world.

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Take action

The magic happens when you take action. It’s all very well having a plan but unless you assign tasks into your diary and actually make a commitment to make your dreams a reality, chances are it won’t happen.

Consider your goals and where you want to take your business and then work backwards to create a manageable and achievable plan to make it happen.

Put yourself forward for opportunities and get your name and your business ‘out there’. Pitch yourself for expert comments, articles, guest blog posts, podcast interviews, newspaper opinion pieces… it’s all for the taking!

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