Having the confidence to put yourself ‘out there’ and try to raise your profile can be a little frightening and fill you with dread. As a one-(wo)man-band it can be a scary thought to put your face, voice or name into the world and it is a massively common fear for small business owners, especially when we as one person are our brands.

What if people don’t like us? What if people think we don’t know what we’re talking about? What if people think we’re a fraud? Thing is, what you deem an awful outcome of promoting yourself or contacting the media really isn’t that bad and here’s how to overcome any fears you have to help sky rocket your profile with confidence.

Figure out why putting yourself ‘out there’ makes you uncomfortable

What is the worst thing that could happen from someone from the media reading your pitch about a guest blog post you’d love to write for them?

Really, what is the worst that could happen? They ignore your email or say no not this time. That’s not really that bad is it?

When thinking about contacting the media or anyone involving an opportunity to promote yourself, write 3 awful and terrible things that could happen from your contacting them.

Better still, then write 3 of the worst consequences of them saying yes and you being featured.

Seeing them written down will show you that what you originally thought was horrible, isn’t actually that scary at all!

Bonus tip!

Writing these worst case scenarios or consequences down can be used in any business decision too, not just in contacting the media, so it’s a really useful tip!

If you’re still not feeling it, here’s what you could do…

Another way to gain confidence to put yourself out there is, if you have a VA or assistant of some sort, is perhaps ask them to do the pitching for you.

When looking at speaking gigs or magazines you want to write for, we can often have this ‘oh they won’t be interested in lil old me’ in our heads, but someone who does it for you will think ‘yes they’ll be awesome for that let’s go for it’ because they don’t have any of those scary thoughts, merely the excitement to match you with a great opportunity.



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