As a PR consultant it is usually my role to start to position clients as an expert in their field so they become a go-to person the media crave. Becoming an expert at what you do and putting yourself ‘out there’ benefits you in SO many ways. It’s ok to be a little shy at first and not feel confident that you actually are an expert, you’ll get there, but chances are you ARE an expert already because you do what you do for a reason. If you have passion, you get results for clients or amazing reviews on your products… you probably are an expert already, you just haven’t recognised it.

The word ‘expert’ may bring up stuff for the mind monkeys to chatter with and try and play down your awesomeness… don’t let it, own your expertise! If you need a little confidence boost and a PR pep talk then click here to check out a blog post I wrote to do just this.

Here’s just a few reasons why you should consider positioning yourself as ‘an expert’…

The press want to speak to you… now!

Journalists, bloggers, editors, basically anyone of influence will want to talk to you. When they need an expert to comment for an article or breaking news story they’re writing about, you want to be the person they first think of and call. This allows you to represent your brand but also builds incredible relationships with the media that is way past trying to just sell them your latest product for a write up.

You’re getting in front of people desperate to buy from you

By doing PR activities you are getting your business, your products & your messages in front of people who need you and who want to buy from you. Once you’ve figured out ‘your thing’ and who your target audience is to read your advice or your story, then it becomes easier to know how they prefer to be communicated with. Once you know what your audience reads, websites they visit, video tutorials they watch, magazines they peruse on their lunch break, you’re immediately able to get in front of people you know are way more likely to buy from you.

No need to be too proactive finding opportunities… they’re coming to you

You may not need to be too proactive once you have established your expert status because people start to get to know you. If people haven’t heard of you, they’ll soon find you.

Customers are ready to buy

By owning your expertise, doing your own PR and getting published you will be starting to raise your credibility. When your potential clients see where you’ve been published, for instance in your ‘as seen in’ image on your website’s press page (if you need a press page, see here how to easily create one), it will immediately in their eyes give you cool points. Someone else publishing you shows clients that the media value your opinion and what you have to say.

Cool points equal credibility. Having your media coverage added to your website will assist in visitors wanting to buy from you immediately, saving you hours in sales calls convincing people how good you and your product is.

It’s a win win!



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