I love Masterminds. I do. Truly. Find the right one and they will unquestionably help explode your business, whether through business coaching or just the support of other lovely people around you.

Now I’m starting to host my own Mastermind as well as experienced them for myself I’ve been asked a lot about if a Mastermind is the right fit for some business owners? My answer to every is YES.

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With the right mindset it is incredible what opportunities are in store for you. Find a group who understands your visions, your personality fits in and where you will learn or be coached through training and personal development through in-person meet ups or online calls.

Here are 5 ways to know if a Mastermind is right for you…


  1. You feel really alone running your business

Most self-employed people will relate to the feeling of isolation and feeling alone while running their business. Mastermind groups give you the chance to network and support others as well as receive valuable feedback and coaching yourself.

You get to feel like you have colleagues and business associates yet still remain captain of your own ship. That is really special!

  1. You want accountability

There are free groups out there, particular Facebook communities, that say they offer accountability but it is REALLY hard to find someone as invested in your business as you are. Fact. Life gets in the way and the person who said they’d help keep you accountable has let you down again. It happens… a lot.

Joining a Mastermind automatically gives you accountability. If you want to pitch for new business, launch an e-course or host an event your group can help you keep accountable to your intentions.

It takes a real strong willed person to stick to their own personal deadlines so having this group around you to support you is priceless.

  1. You are ready to re write your story

The one thing that will get in our way of success is… us. We can easily create a story for ourselves that is ‘I don’t finish things’ just because you left a job once and it stuck, or ‘good things don’t happen to me’ because a few bad things happened as a teenager. We then take these stories into our adult lives.

Personally I told myself ‘I don’t finish things’ because I left college just before exams, and University once. I told myself that good things don’t happen to me. The real story? I was scared. I was scared that I could get everything I’d been told only happened in the movies. I self-sabotaged. I destroyed opportunities. I created a barrier between me and happiness.

It doesn’t have to be this way. All we need to do is re write our story and we can be anyone we want and achieve EVERYTHING we dreamed of. It’s not just for the movies… it’s your for the taking.

  1. You’re stuck in a rut or at an income plateau

If you’ve tried loads of ways to create more income but launch to the sound of crickets or are banging your head against a brick wall (again) then a Mastermind will help get you out of pretty much any rut.

The group can come together to help you solve a problem, whether a short or long term vision, and give you ideas for a strategy and advice to solve your challenges. Even if your problem is not within the groups skill set they will offer friendly advice which, in a time of need, is as comforting as strategic advice.

  1. You have loads of ideas for your business and not sure which to do first or how to create a business model

It is easy nowadays, with the help of the Internet, to run away with our ideas. We can think up a new service, create a sales page and send it out to our audience within hours. Whilst this strategy can work, it’s a good idea to have a business model in place and plan out what you will launch throughout the next few months or even the next year.

Having a Mastermind group around you will allow you to brainstorm your ideas and if you have 1:1 sessions with your coach you can really hone in on how to create a business model from both your expertise and your dreamy ideas.

All you need is a plan in place and the right support around you.

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