Becoming more visible should be easy. It should be fun to grow our business and make more money. Our business should bring us joy not brain fog, overwhelm and stress.


Well… sadly not always. It can seem a daunting task when we think about having to promote ourselves. On or offline marketing can be dull – but that’s why you need to pick some shorter term strategies for fast results and a few quick wins.

Sure, you gotta play the long game if, for example, you’re a coach because you could connect with someone and be on their radar for a year before they are ready to work with you. That’s absolutely fine. BUT there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a few quick wins and “YES! THAT HAPPENED!” moments along the way to keep you going.

Here’s my favourite 4 crazy easy ways to raise your business profile today ALL within an hour.

You ready?

Put feelers out to collaborate with super cool people (20 minutes)

Have a think about who you would love to collaborate with. Consider who you have a major business crush on and who’s audience are your ideal audience and people you’d LOVE to get in front of.

You could offer someone a masterclass or a guest expert interview for their mastermind. You could invite someone to co-host a webinar with you. You could invite someone to collaborate on a new service you think they’d be perfect (and help you sell).

Pitch yourself to 2-3 podcast hosts (20 minutes)

Podcasts are such a fun way to get in front of your audience and make great connections. Put your favourite shows you personally love to listen to on your wishlist but remember to consider which your ideal audience will be listening to as well.

Open iTunes (or the like) and type in e.g. business podcast, HR podcast or finance podcast, and loads of great shows will appear. It won’t take you long to figure out which you should be appearing on. Make a note of any that you research and who you get in touch with so you can follow up with them or keep them on your radar for the future.

If you’re usually one to shy away from the camera, podcasts are a great opportunity to practice talking about topics within your zone of genius without the pressure of being seen. Plus you can do some prep beforehand and have lots of notes on your interview topic too in front of you and no one will see!

Pitch yourself to 1 magazine (18 minutes)

Do a little research to ensure you are looking at the right magazines to feature in. Create a wishlist of dream places you’d love to feature in. Pinterest is great for this as seeing the logos is really inspiring to then take action to make it happen.

Remember to think about what your ideal clients are reading too and if they prefer printed or online publications. Then find your sweet spot somewhere in the middle and pitch an article or a feature idea you know would be a great fit for their audience.

Step into the spotlight (2 minutes)

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