Hi, I’m Kerri Walker an Authority Marketing Strategist and Author.

I’ve worked all hours of the day thinking I was marketing when really I was just sat on Facebook wondering where my next client was going to come from. I’ve spent hours each week pouring over emails to send my list that never converted into sales.

I dreamed of working with ideal clients only to see competitors swoop in because they had the courage to be visible. I’ve launched e-courses and services to the unpleasant sound of crickets.


I’ve been there.
Luckily I saved myself from these patterns and started using all the incredible visibility-exploding marketing and PR skills I used for clients on myself. Kerri Walker Media was established in 2015 by me, a recovering workaholic and procrastinator. Since 2003, I’ve worked with brands, agencies and corporates including Marriott HotelsPukka Pies and American Golf as well as small startups and SMEs.
You deserve to have your efforts rewarded and with a plan in place that fits your business goals and is aligned to your personality you absolutely can!
I work with business owners around the world to make marketing simple, get them in the media and right in front of clients that are sat waiting to buy from them. Whether you’re looking for done-for-you consultancy or coaching to manage things in-house you’re in the right place. I love creating easy-to-implement strategies that businesses and I regularly speak or write about these topics for the media.

Professional Copywriters | Kerri Walker Media

I’m a proud member of Pro Copywriters, an alliance for professional copywriters. As a natural writer in everything I do, from writing my own books to press releases, articles and copy for clients it was important for me to be represented and part of a professional body.


My clients feature in the media so often it’s hard to keep up, with them now in hundreds of media titles including;
  • Newspapers: The Telegraph, the I, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror
  • Magazines: Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, Mother & Baby, Sainsbury’s magazine, Women’s Own
  • Online: Huffington Post, Yahoo!, Talented Ladies Club

You can easily have this success too by getting your business media-ready and becoming more visible. Money, fame and success are waiting for you!