Fancy a cover girl style makeover for your business to attract the press and get noticed by potential clients?

As a small business owner we juggle life each and every day. One day we’re selling, the next we’re in product development, the next in HR and by the end of the week, oh yes, back to accounting and admin. So many jobs. So many hats. Such little time left for promoting yourself.

You started your business to do what you love right? The passion you have for your business deserves to keep the fire lit and the desire to succeed burning indefinitely.

Apparently, as humans we have an attention span shorter than a goldfish. It has been proved that you have around 6-8 seconds to wow visitors to your website. If you’re getting traffic to your website these few seconds are precious. You need to ensure the user experience is positive and they get can find everything they came to your website for. If journalists or potential client eyes can’t find your services, what you speak about or your contact details within those few seconds… you’ll lose them.

Your online presence is all part of positioning yourself as an expert in your industry, along with content you create in topics around your zone of genius. Embarking on this journey can be incredibly overwhelming and lack of time often makes us leave PR and content to the bottom of the pile. With the right expert guidance, I truly believe anyone can raise their business profile!

Would you…

  • like to know what your ideal customers are reading, listening to or watching so you can get your business in front of them in those title?
  • love to start smashing those financial goals you set yourself so you can sit back and watch the PayPal notifications go wild in your inbox?
  • want to know how to get press attention just from your website and social media?
  • dream of becoming the go-to person in your niche?
  • like to know where to start when it comes to doing your own PR and raising your profile?


I thought so! What if I said that ALL of this can happen for you?

Introducing the Media-Ready Makeover...

Work with me and I take you to a place where everyone knows you, people message you every day to say they want to work with you and the media are going crazy for you.


A business without planning is like a ship without a rudder. I am all about making everything SO crazy simple it’s nuts and breaking things down into manageable and tangible tasks. It’s important to me for clients to work smarter, not harder so you can get back to what you love doing whether that’s spending time back in your business or having some well deserved stress-free time off with the kids.

A recent study showed PR is 90% more effective than advertising!

Bill Gates once said he would spend his last cent on PR. Even Richard Branson says that PR is infinitely more effective than a front page ad. These guys know the value of PR and I want to show you how to utilise it in your business to smash your business goals and visions just like they have.

The benefits of getting PR right is quite simply…
  • potential customers will see your media coverage and want to buy, saving you SO much time in sales calls and fielding enquiries
  • in advertising we pay people to say we’re awesome, with PR the media share this for us (without the fee too!)
  • good PR makes you the person relate-able, your audience falls for you, therefore creates more sales
  • your ‘as seen in’ image starts exploding with recognisable logos
  • you get to show off your expertise and look super cool to your audience

Here's how we roll and what's included...

  • Deep dive coaching session with me to set sail on our voyage 
  • Powerful media pitch written for you to use to wow the media and get published 
  • Media list created full of outlets your ideal clients consume AND contact details of the exact person to pitch yourself to
  • A PR plan started for you strawberry jam packed with PR ideas you can use 
  • Audit of your social media profiles and website copy to maximise chance of media opportunities
  • Advice for your press page or media area on your website
  • Lifetime access to the Step Into The Spotlight program

Your investment in this Media-Ready Makeover is just £750 (around $950)

Why have a cover girl style media makeover with me?

Potential clients see you as an expert from your media coverage cutting hours of sales calls thus making selling your products and services easier.

You get to access the 15 years experience I have in PR, sales and marketing. I’ve tried all the strategies and now have THE exact formula to share with you.

By figuring out immediately who to speak to you will save countless hours of your time sourcing media opportunities. I’m around after our coaching session too so you absolutely won’t feel abandoned.

I’m waving my e-pom poms for you! I want everyone, clients or not, to succeed in business. I feel so passionately that every business should and can prosper.

Lastly, we get to jam together… and create some magic!

Hi I’m Kerri Walker, a Business Coach specialising in Marketing and PR. Over the years I’ve worked with household names brands and gain media coverage in big name press every single week. I’ve been featured in some pretty big places myself.

Whilst the buzz of getting a ‘yes’ from an editor or journalist makes fist bump the air and do the upper-body-desk-boogie, this excitement soon disappears as I move on to the next task. In coaching, the feeling of empowering business owners to put themselves out there and remove fears they have of promoting themselves NEVER fades.

I’m able to use all my experiences of how exactly to get the media drooling over you from running PR agencies and a successful consultancy business. I manage PR and content marketing for clients and saw a huge need to give smaller businesses access to all the secrets… and someone to be their cheerleader coaching them to the same level of success of those with huge budgets.

As seen in…

Showing businesses how to get in the media is my zone of genius. Here's what my clients have to say...

Are you ready to get your business prepped for the media and sales enquiries to flood in?

Your investment in the Media-Ready Makeover is just £750 ($950)

Confirm your place by clicking the button below and telling me more about your business. No payment is required at this stage and I’ll get in touch with you once I receive your information.

WARNING: This is NOT for you if you don’t have big dreams of business success. It will put you on the MAP!

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