If you’re really stuck for ideas and you have NO idea how you could get in the media at all then you’re in the right place.

What if I told you that you could be in the news or in the media somewhere from someone else’s news story?

This is known in the biz as ‘newsjacking’ and it is something that can be relevant to every single person and all businesses. Newsjacking is so relevant and often overlooked by small businesses.

You could be that person that the BBC call when a news story breaks for your expert comment on the topic in hand. You could have an article giving your opinion on a law that’s changed disrupting your industry. Even if your opinion, comment or advice is not featured in the media you can create your own content around news stories which is a great way to showcase your business and your views.

As people we love reading people’s opinions and what they have to say. So whether you choose newsjacking to gain media exposure or you want to create your own opinion pieces here are a few examples and my favourite ways to use newsjacking as a business owner…

Look at what is happening in your local area

Is there a building being constructed in your area that is really going to change things for your community or your business? Maybe you have an opinion on how this is going to effect the area, your family, your children, or your business. You can relate this to anything personal or business.

Is there a local co-working space that is opening up? You could contact the local newspapers or radio and talk about how this is a huge change or the start of something incredible for the business community. You can be that voice and authority for everyone else.

Even if you are featured for a personal story, often you can get a cheeky mention of your business in there so never overlook local press or personal opinion opportunities.

Look at what is happening in your industry

Is there new research that has come out effecting your industry or the way you work?

Is there a new statistic that has been released and you disagree with it or have a positive opinion on the research?

Has a new hire in the industry really shaken things up and caused a lot of upset?

Has a new law come out and you have to change the way you now work? Maybe the new law effects the clients you work with and you will now lose your client base and your business?

Anything that comes up within your industry, you are able to voice your opinion on the topics that arise. Whether you agree, disagree or are impartial, it all counts. If it is big industry news that you think the national or your local press would be keen to cover then just contact their news desks and pitch your opinion or idea. If it is quite niche then contact the leading industry media to be featured there.

Look at what is happening in the news

You are probably consuming the national news every day through radio, newspapers and TV so this won’t be too time consuming researching or keeping an eye on.

A great example of newsjacking on a national level is big events such as a General Election or political news of some sort. Personally this is my favourite way of newsjacking. I love politics so when there is a big political event I usually am featured in the media. I love being a part of the media when big stories break and politics is definitely one that will always have space for media coverage opportunities!

I was featured in the i newspaper last year after being interviewed about my opinion on the Autumn Statement. As part of the recent General Election I was part of a business panel giving live reactions and comments through the whole night. This was SO fun for me because of my personal interest but also was helping to position me as a voice for small businesses.

A few more examples are court cases and movies. If there is a court case coming up that is linked to your industry or directly to your business, then prepare a statement in advance then when the court date starts send it out to the media to be the first one there with a comment. If a movie is coming out soon and the main character has your job and you don’t think it represents your business well then that is something else you could talk about or share your opinion on.

These are just a few examples. You can get media exposure for any news story that breaks. All you need to do is contact the media outlets, so the news desks or individual journalists or editors and pitch yourself to them saying why you are the person to comment and introduce yourself.

Even if they aren’t able to use your opinion right then, you’ve made a new connection and they may come to you next time a story breaks!

Bonus tip

It is possible sometimes that the media will use your comment or opinion you provided and not let you know that is has been published. I know some people get frustrated by this but you do have to accept that journalists are busy people and it isn’t always possible to send links etc to you.

You can easily use Google Alerts to track media coverage. Set it up, for free, with your name as the keyword and you will be emailed any time your name is featured in content or news online.

Want to know how to use newsjacking for your business?

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