I recently made $50 while I lay in bed chatting. I made money lying on my back. When I retold the story to a friend she said I was like a ‘business hooker’. Which made my content brain go wild on how I could share this experience with you.
The day after I made money in bed chatting on my phone I made another $50 while I was in bed asleep. Not quite as funny a situation but waking up to a payment was a HUGE goal I had wanted to happen for ages.
I made $250 within a couple of days just from a few social media posts mentioning the beta version of my upcoming academy to my audience.
This is technically known as ‘passive income’ because people joined my program without my having to offer my time 1:1 and it was all a digital process. BUT when it comes to passive income you still have to work for it. Whether you are creating an academy like myself or you design a PDF download, you still have to make it and promote it.

While there is work to passive income, it’s worth it 100%. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to their emails full of PayPal payment notifications?!

Here are 3 ways you can REALLY make money in your sleep…

1) Include a call-to-action in EVERY piece of content you create 

Every blog post should have some form of content upgrade or call-to-action on the page. Whether you have a signup box at the bottom or in the sidebar of the website, make sure you give your readers something else to read, watch or do.
After reading your blog post, what do you want them to do next? Is there another post on a similar topic you think they’d love? Would the next step be the free guide you created which then goes into a sequence of emails where they can buy your stuff? Would you love them to join your Facebook group? Would you like them to enrol in your online program?
Think about what the next natural step is from your content and add in your call-to-actions. This will help grow your audience, allow them into your world thus making you sales sometime soon.
If like me, you offer free coaching calls, then be sure to mention these in your blog posts and anywhere you are communicating with your audience.
If you’re unsure what you could add as a call-to-action, think about what your customer journey is and your nurture path. So your free stuff, low cost, mid range and high ticket. Seeing this flow written down will allow you to plan out the next steps you want your audience or clients to take.

2) Create a digital product

Much like a website where we could go and buy goods, if you are a service based business then having a digital download of some sort can be a great way to create an additional income stream. The beauty of the internet means that people worldwide can access it and often the purchases you receive while you’re asleep will be from people across the globe.
A digital product doesn’t have to be huge, it could simply be a 3-page guide to support a training video that you decide to sell for $20. You could even sell all your past webinars or e-books that are sitting collecting e-dust in your PC but you know would really benefit the world.

You can put all your online products together in a page on your website or in a ‘resources’ area for your audience to find. Remember to promote them to your mailing list, perhaps with a coupon, and on your social media channels.

3) Get others to promote your work for you

If you have any products or services online, any at all, you could open your business up to affiliates. Some businesses have this on an invite-only and others have affiliates open to all. An affiliate is in essence someone who is your brand ambassador and champions your products promoting them to their audience for a commission.

It might not be for everyone, but having an affiliate program can be hugely beneficial to promoting your business and getting you in front of your ideal client. Personally I’m opening the affiliate program to my academy by sending invitations to associates that have an audience I want to get in front of AND their brand fits mine. It will soon be open for others to apply to join.

And that is just a taster of how you can start to earn money lying on your back while you smile thinking…

Just leave your money on the bedside PayPal!

Want to know how your business could make you money in your sleep?

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