Would you like to position yourself as the go-to person in your niche… even though you feel like a media nobody?

As a Business Coach specialising in Marketing and PR I have seen many of my clients come up against ‘Impostor Syndrome’ and contract ‘The-Media-Will-Never-Want-To-Talk-To-Me-Itis’. Positioning yourself as an expert and a go-to person in your field will undoubtedly help you achieve your business goals, smash sales targets and just raise your business profile in general.

And here’s the secret…

PR isn’t rocket science. With the right expert guidance anyone can learn to do it!

Would you…

  • like to start hitting financial goals and sit back while the money flows in?
  • position yourself as a media go-to person for a comment when a story breaks?
  • want to be comfortable with your growing visibility and raising your profile?
  • be confident in contacting the media knowing exactly what they want and how your zone of genius can help them?


Sounds great right?! What about if I said this can ALL happen for you within just a couple of weeks.


Introducing Coaching with Kerri Walker...

The aim of coaching is not to sail the boat for you but to help your boat sail itself. Much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz you already have your ruby slippers on, I am just Glenda the good witch who goes on the journey with you… although I’ll show you how to use your magic shoes way quicker than she does!

A business without development plans is like a ship without a rudder. I am all about making everything SO crazy simple it’s nuts and breaking things down into manageable and tangible tasks. It’s important to me for clients to work smarter, not harder so you can get back to what you love doing whether that’s spending time back in your business or having some well deserved stress-free time off with the kids.


A recent study showed PR is 90% more effective than advertising!

90%!  Bill Gates once said he would spend his last cent on PR. Even Richard Branson says that PR is infinitely more effective than a front page ad. These guys know the value of PR and I want to show you how to utilise it in your business to smash your business goals and visions just like they have.

The benefits of getting PR right…

  • good PR makes you the person relate-able, your audience falls for you, therefore creates more sales
  • in advertising we pay people to say we’re awesome, in PR the media do it for us
  • you get to show off your expertise and look super cool
  • your ‘as seen in’ image starts filling with recognisable logos
  • you can become less proactive, saving you a lot of time, once you are positioning yourself as an expert as the media just come to you

Here's how we'll roll...

  • Unlimited VIP access to me for an entire 3 months 
  • Kick off with a deep dive coaching session to pull out your stories, plan your content and news hooks
  • Fortnightly coaching calls diving into growing your business, gaining media coverage and turning your audience into a full client list 
  • Live journalist requests of opportunities I receive daily directly from the media 
  • Lifetime access to Step Into The Spotlight my online program 

Your investment in this life-changing coaching is just $2,500

Why join me for this coaching?


You get to access the 15 years experience I have in PR, sales, marketing and events. I’ve tried all the strategies and now have THE exact formula to share with you.

I’ve done the hard work and made the mistakes, so you don’t have to. I want to show you how to make things SO easy you can get things done quickly to get back to your family and enjoy life.

I’m waving my e-pom poms for you and you have VIP access to a media expert who is hungry for you to succeed too.

I’ll give you ALL the tools and share everything I know so you don’t need to spend thousands on a PR agency.

You get to learn everything I know about PR and content marketing to set you up, not just for the next few months, but learn these skills for life.

Hi I’m Kerri Walker, a Business Coach specialising in Marketing and PR. Over the years I’ve worked with household names brands and gain media coverage in well known media outlets every single week. I’ve been featured in some pretty big places myself.

100% of my clients get media coverage after our time together. I’m able to use all my experiences of how exactly to get the media drooling over you from running PR agencies and a successful consultancy business.

I manage PR and content marketing for clients and saw a huge need to give smaller businesses access to all the secrets… and someone to be their cheerleader coaching them to the same level of success of those with huge budgets.

As seen in…

Showing business owners how to get in the media and become comfortable with their growing visibility is my zone of genius.

The results we will see…

Within 3 weeks of starting together one client had confirmed a front cover magazine, a very swish magazine photo shoot and feature, 3 podcast interviews, 2 radio interviews and 2 huge event speaking gigs.

I can’t promise that you will get media coverage but what I can promise is I will give you everything you need, tools, techniques, mindset tips, to enable you to raise your profile and make big things happen in your life and your business.

Here’s what my clients have to say…

Money, fame and success are waiting for you...

Are you ready to find fame for your business and have a wait list of people desperate to work with you because they value you and need the special gift only you have?

Join me in for this coaching experience and you will…

  • know where your clients are and how to get in front of them
  • have all the skills and tools to promote your business with ease (and class!)
  • position yourself as THE go-to expert in your niche
  • have the full attention of a experienced expert to grow your entire business as well as focus on marketing

Your investment for the coaching is $2,500

Places for this coaching package are limited each month. Payment plans are available.

Complete the application form by clicking the button below to see if we’re a good fit and if this coaching is right for you. No payment is required at this stage, it’s just to get to know you and organise a time to speak with you.

WARNING: This 1:1 coaching is NOT for you if you want to stay hidden with Harry Potter in the cupboard under the stairs never to be seen or heard!



This coaching is for action-taking entrepreneurial women and will put your business on the MAP!