I had an incredible experience with my new business coach recently and I’ve been thinking about it every since. Even mid house moves, no usual sea view backdrop, no power lippy all with wild hair… nothing could stop me going Live to chat about it. Now just to put this into perspective, I live for pink lipstick so is how much this topic was calling me to share!

I’ve got some questions that I want you to think about…

Are you known for what you know?

Are you not taking your crown?

Are you owning what you do and what you know?


Probably not. A lot of us aren’t recognising our skills and owning the knowledge we have. I was one of them!

I want you to take the crown and be known for what you know. Truly. I really do and it absolutely WILL happen if you want it to.

Watch the video below to see how or scroll down to read the advice.


What do you want to be known for?

When people think ‘PR and marketing’ I want them to think of me. I am this go-to person for a lot of people but I want to ensure this message oozes from everything I do. Whatever product or service you have, you too can be this go-to person for clients and the media to come to you when they need someone in your field.

So how do you become the go-to?

You just need to find a way to connect with your audience. You need to make your messages and content resonate with them. You want them to have that internal YES when you mention the problems your services solve.

Speak to your audience and really get into their minds to find key words and buzz words that resonate with them and see what makes them tick. Find out what makes them push ‘buy’ and what things come up for them in a decision making process to buy.

Resonate with your own message

Whatever wording you use to connect with your audience make sure it feels good to YOU as well. There is no point using persuasive writing and words that you don’t connect with yourself. This can be anything from blog posts, social media content or even your job title

As an example, I was calling myself a PR Coach. I then realised what I did was way more than just traditional PR so I renamed myself a Publicity Coach… but this still feel restricted. I wasn’t in love with it because it didn’t encompass everything I do. No one wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks “Ahhh I really need a Publicity Coach” but I absolutely knew that what I had to offer through my coaching packages was needed.

Enter the first session with my new business coach. We came to the conclusion that actually what I was doing wasn’t just publicity coaching, it was business coaching. I already knew this. I had just been too frightened to call myself a Business Coach because there are so many people with this title already and I thought it would be too over crowded for little old me to wade in and say ‘Hey I wanna come play’.

My coach right there and then handed her business coach crown to me. We came to the conclusion that I would now call myself a Business Coach specialising in Marketing and PR.

My goodness it felt AMAZING. That was it. That was what I’d been doing and why I’d reached a plateau of energy because I wasn’t truly following my calling and my job title had been holding me back.

I hand over the crown to you too! 

I’m owning my new title and what that means for my business moving forward… and you must too!

Whatever it is that you want to be known for, whatever service you are searching for that is aligned to your passion and calling in life, I handover the crown to YOU to start owning your expertise.

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