“It’s not good enough to just show your work on your website if it isn’t famous or award-winning work. It’s a serial fail.”

I saw that in a tweet by Gellan Watt, award-winning agency founder and super cool Creative Director. It got me thinking.

So I tweeted back and asked what advice he had around showcasing your work if you haven’t got any awards or fame yet?

This comes up a lot with my coaching clients, especially when they are just starting out or are trying to change direction into a new niche. They have passion or a few successes but not necessarily media coverage or awards.

Now Gellan knows his stuff. What he doesn’t know about branding, growth hacking and the creative world – well, it probably isn’t worth knowing anyway. Now, I may be biased because we’re related but I think his awards and huge success speaks for itself.

This was his response to how we can showcase our business when we haven’t quite got fame yet…

“Brilliantly telling people why you exist. If you exist for the right reasons and how your work is an articulation of that ‘why’.”

I loved this response because it is exactly what I work on with my clients. The stories behind our business, our ‘why’ and the work we do, is all ways in which we can start to grow awareness of our business through telling our personal or business journey.

You can easily start to get media attention and wow-ing potential clients by the stories you already have in your back pocket about your experiences.

So how do you showcase your work on your website before it is famous and before you win any awards?

  1. Tell your story.

  2. Hone in on your why.

  3. Share great case studies and successes.

  4. Allow your work to articulate your ‘why’.

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