Step Into The Spotlight: The Ultimate Guide

Money, fame and success are waiting for you!

In this free 6-step guide for female business owners you will discover how to…
  • get known for what you know
  • use PR activities that are aligned to your personality and feel GOOD to you
  • ways to spruce up your online profiles so you NEVER miss out on opportunities
  • get the right mindset to recognise blocks and triggers that could stop you pitching to the media
  • become the authority and thought leader in your niche

Hi I’m Kerri Walker, a Business Coach specialising in Marketing and PR. Over the years I’ve worked with household names brands and regularly gain media coverage in BIG names in the media world.

I’m use all my experiences of how exactly to get the media drooling over you from running PR agencies and my own successful consultancy business to show you exactly how to manage your PR and marketing like a pro.

I manage PR and content marketing for clients and saw a huge need to give smaller businesses access to all the secrets… and someone to be their cheerleader coaching them to the same level of success of those with huge budgets.

As seen in…