Are you an entrepreneurial woman looking to raise your business profile, become confident with your growing visibility AND go from audience to client wait list?

Then this is for you!

Running a business often means a to-do list that NEVER feels like it will be achieved. You started your business to create freedom for you and your family, or have multiple income streams from your passion projects. You didn’t start up to work all hours contracting brain ache from figuring out how to market your products or services and how to find people who NEED you (and are sitting waiting to throw their money at you!)

Becoming more visible can be made simple. It’s ok if you don’t want super-duper fame and be on TV. You can easily find ways to promote your business, make money, be successful – using tactics that suit your personality, time commitments and your business goals… without spending a penny on advertising.

You’re in the right place!

PR is 90% more effective than advertising

A recent study proved PR to be a more effective way of promoting your business than paying to adverting. 90% more so.

Bill Gates once said he would spend his last dollar on PR. Even Richard Branson believes that PR is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.

These guys know the value of PR and just how powerful it can be for your business – no matter what stage you’re at, how much money you currently make or what level of business fame you’re looking for.

Here’s the secret… PR isn’t rocket science!

There, I said it.

PR can be simple. Marketing can be straight forward. As with anything, it’s all about creating a way of working that is aligned to YOU, your personality, your time commitments and your business goals.

With the right expert guidance, anyone can raise their business profile using personality-matched PR and marketing tactics… and a real simply plan to keep you on track. Other than your time, PR is usually completely FREE!

Why I love coaching female business owners to become more visible…

Hi, I’m Kerri Walker, a business coach specialising in Marketing and PR as well as a PR strategist.

I started my consultancy business after running PR agencies and working freelance to fit around my family when my son was born in 2014. Initially I was working with household name brands and huge organisations and as I had left that world to start my own business I felt a burning desire within me to serve the smaller businesses.

Women who have raw passion for their business (and love for life!) are my favourite kind. The excitement someone has for their business is infectious and I thrive on seeing people become aligned to their business offering and comfortable with their growing visibility. 

Have you thought any of these recently?

“I’d love to promote my business but have no idea where to even start!”

“I’ve spent a fortune on Facebook ads that brought me no new business… I give up!”

“Seeing my competitors flying in the media makes me feel so envious, it should be me!”

“I’m worried people will see me as a fraud if I get mentioned in the press!”

“The media will NEVER be interested in little old me!”

Here’s the good news! 

There are tactics, strategies and handy hacks to suit EVERY personality type, whether you are an introvert and shy away from cameras and public speaking, or you have extroverted tendencies and you don’t have time to write magazine articles.

Whatever your time commitments, which ever activities you love or loathe, we will find the perfect formula for you. With a dash of confidence and mindset techniques too.

I encourage you to Step Into The Spotlight and you can do just this in a brand new group coaching program.

The crux of this program is to enable you to use PR and marketing within your business without needing to work more or be away from your family.

This program will show you simple and mostly free ways to promote your business so you can stop throwing money away on ineffective Facebook ads.

PR can sound tricky if you don’t know where to start or what would be right for your business. I’m giving you ALL the secrets to raise your business profile and get media coverage so you can make more money and get back to what you love doing.

Here's what you will discover during Step Into The Spotlight...

Module One: The planning 
  • Discover how to plan your PR and marketing activities.
  • Gain clarity on how PR and marketing will help smash your business and financial goals.
  • Find your audience and target your prospective clients.
  • What tech to use to help plan your activity.
  • Create a manageable plan to take inspired action.

Bonus resources  masterclasses, planning template, tutorials and workbooks.

Module Two: Getting your business media-ready
  • PR hacks the pro’s use to gain media coverage every day.
  • Discover what journalists and editors look for when they want to feature or interview someone.
  • How to audit and update your website and online profiles to be SO enticing to the media they can’t help but feature you.
  • Press pages 101.
  • Ways to use other people’s media coverage to your benefit.

Bonus resources  Masterclasses, checklists, tech tutorials and workbooks.

Module Three: Mindset
  • Recognise any blocks that are holding you back from finding fame for your business.
  • Become confident with your growing visibility.
  • Remove the ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and fears that the media will never be interested in you (because they will!)

Bonus resources  Masterclasses, meditation MP3, interview with other visibility experts, guest masterclass, case studies of women who overcame their visibility blocks.

Module Four: Become the authority in your niche
  • Gain clarity on how and why you should position yourself as an industry expert.
  • Why it’s ok to not be the expert.
  • Create effective content that resonates with your audience and turning them from follower to client.
  • Easily plan month’s worth of content.
  • Discover how to pull out your PR feature or news story.

Bonus resources  Masterclasses, powerful content planning templates and tech tutorials.

Module Five: PR ideas aligned to you and your business
  • Find ways to promote your business that are aligned to your personality and the time you have available.
  • Understand which PR activities will suit your business goals.
  • 100 simple-to-implement PR ideas for you to try.

Bonus resources  Masterclasses, cheat sheets, PR personality quiz, VIP access to ALL my webinar replays.

Module Six: Pitching to the media and gaining media coverage
  • How to write an email pitch to get a YES from editors.
  • How to pitch yourself to magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, podcasts and more.
  • How to research what media outlets you should pitch to and from what your potential clients are listening, watching or reading.

Bonus resources  Masterclasses, KILLER email pitch templates, ready-to-use templates and my swipe files.

Plus these very special bonuses...

Access to the private Facebook group!

The power of the women’s circle is scientifically proven to be a powerful tool. I am a big believer that having the right lady mafia around you helps make the magic happen.As a bonus to joining the program you get access to the private Facebook group.

I’m in the group every week so you can ask questions about the program, share your successes and network with other entrepreneurial women.

Become a VIP

If you’d love a little more hand-holding than just joining a program then join me as a VIP and you’ll have 1:1 sessions with me to support your business growth. In these sessions we can dive further into creating your strategy, content planning, getting you media coverage and establishing you as an authority in your niche.

And here's your host...

Hello I’m Kerri Walker


I love working with entrepreneurial women. Being one myself means I know only too well the demands on running a business as well as raising a family and running a house. I am all about making growing your visibility simple so you can get back to cuddling your family instead of sitting blurry eyed in front of your laptop again.

If you have a passion for your business, it is infectious. With the right expert guidance you can learn to talk about your business in a way that gets the media jumping naked through (metaphorical) flaming hoops and a waiting list of clients.

I thrive on seeing people become aligned to their business offering and comfortable with their growing visibility. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside… like a proud mum!

I started my consultancy business from home in 2015 when I needed a more flexible way of working to fit around my then baby. Before starting up solo I ran PR agencies and headed sales and marketing teams for big organisations and hospitality venues. While I still take on consultancy projects my main focus is coaching.

I’m able to bring all my 15 years experience now into my coaching. I’ve tried all the strategies so you don’t need to! I get big results using my proven relaxed and more holistic approach.

Being a small business owner myself, I had a desire in me to work with other people like me but they couldn’t afford to hire me as a consultant. I very quickly learned that coaching was the way forward for me to serve the small businesses I craved to work with PLUS get to use all my previous training experience and sheer love of coaching people.

Day-to-day you can find me sourcing juicy media coverage opportunities for clients with my team, writing my book, picnicking at the beach with my son or binge watching my latest find on Netflix.

As well as getting clients media coverage I’m proud to have been featured in some pretty big media names myself recently too. I’m regularly nominated by associates for business awards, spoken on event panels and am invited to judge awards.

Supporting entrepreneurial women on their world domination plans is undoubtedly my zone of genius.

Here’s what some of my gorgeous clients have to say…

The results you could see happen for yourself…

The sky really is the limit with where you could see your name in print.

I can’t promise that you’ll get media coverage but I can promise that I will give you all the techniques, tools and tips to enable you to take inspired action and make it happen.

Here’s just a few places I’ve helped my clients get into recently…


Here's a reminder of what's included & how we roll...

  • Step Into The Spotlight lifetime access  

  • 1:1 sessions with Kerri Walker as a VIP

  • Masterclasses, templates, resources, audios, videos, my swipe files (EVERYTHING you need to raise your profile)

  • A group of like-minded business owners to support you!

  • Access to the private Facebook group

It's time to get known for what you know! You in?

Basic level

  • Lifetime access to the program
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group
Enrol now


  • Lifetime access to the program
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group PLUS
  • 3 x 1:1 sessions with Kerri Walker
Enrol as a VIP now


Who is Step Into The Spotlight for? 
The program is for action taking female business owners. Those who have a passion for what they do or want to start a movement. All you need is passion and drive to succeed and you WILL see results. Whatever stage of business you are at, whether starting out or already established, this program is for you.

Who is this NOT for?
Women who are not fired up about their business. Women who want to work all hours every day without creating much income. Those who do not care about becoming more visible and are not willing to put in even a teeny weeny bit of effort to making magic happen. This is definitely not for you if you want to hide in the cupboard under the stairs with Harry Potter and never be seen by potential clients or the media.

When does the program begin?
From registration you have immediate full access to all the content to work through at your own pace.

Will I actually get media coverage from being in this program?
Like anything in life, you get out what you put in. I can’t promise you will get in the media. What I can promise is that I will give you all the tools, tips and techniques so you can take inspired action to make it happen.

Why is this a good investment? 
You get access to the inner workings of a media pro. Not only will you see BIG results but you will discover vital mindset techniques as well as practical tools and tactics to put you in the fast lane to wherever you deem success to be. 

How much content is there, do I need to invest a lot of time in this?
As with anything, you get out of this what you put in. There are a lot of tutorials and resources to work through but there is also a fast-track way and areas you can work on if you don’t have time for the entire group live round. 

What about hiring you to do it for me instead of following a program? 
Online programs aren’t for everyone and that’s cool. I dig any way of us working together and that why I have online programs and offer 1:1 coaching as well as done-for-you projects. I can bring you business fame or I show you how to captain your own ship to explode your profile. Click here to find my services or get in touch with me by using the contact form at the bottom of your screen.

I want instant results, how can I do this?
We can jam in a free Marketing Magic Mini Sesh and I’ll help you with 1 area you’re stuck right now in your business. Click here to book your session. I have slots open each week for these coaching sessions regardless if you enrol in the program or not. 

Money, fame and success are waiting for you!

WARNING: do not join this program if you aren’t looking for a bursting client wait list, exploding ‘as seen in’ image or creating new income streams…

This program will put you on the map!!