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1) Put together a simple plan and set some goals

Start by defining what PR and/or marketing success looks like to you. This means, after you have undertaken PR or marketing activity and taken a step into the spotlight, what has happened for you and your business?

Did you gain any media coverage? Have you got a handful of new VIP clients? Are you now more confident at public speaking and pursuing more opportunities? Were you invited onto breakfast TV to talk about your charity?

Thinking about what the end goals are will allow you to then be open to those incredible opportunities coming your way. (And they WILL).

2) Create the right mindset

Becoming self aware of these blocks and the triggers is an absolute game changer to enable you to raise your profile.

It’s important to recognise any blocks you may have around becoming visible and putting yourself out there into the world.

All kinds of things can rush into our minds when we think of positioning ourselves as an expert. “But I don’t know enough”, “what if people don’t like me”, “what if people think I’m a fraud.”

When these thoughts come up or you feel some resistance around growing your visibility, try figuring out the exact trigger. Some of my clients get nervous to send an email pitching themselves for an opportunity. They often think the nerves are because they’re not very good at pitching… but actually it’s triggered fear of ‘what if they say yes and I have to actually do the thing I’m pitching for’.

Besides, what’s the worst that could happen from sending someone a pitch? They could either not respond or say ‘no thank you’… and that’s not bad at all.

3) Figure out who your audience is and how they like to be communicated with

It’s important to know who your clients are and how they prefer to consume their information on a daily basis. You won’t need a lengthy ‘ideal client’ exercise for this, simply a target group of people e.g. retired ladies in their 60s, men in $100k jobs living away from home Monday to Friday, first-time mums in their 20s or even people who have had a certain type of medical procedure.

Now you have your ideal clients in mind, think about what they are reading, watching and listening to.

Do they love watching YouTube videos on their lunch break? Do they enjoy listening to podcasts on their morning commute? Will they be reading glossy mags while they wait in a waiting room somewhere?

Once you get to know them and what format they enjoy receiving their information you can then plan your marketing and PR activity around this and pitch yourself to those titles you know they will see.

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