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4) Get you & your business ready for journalist eyes

To get your business ready for the media you need to consider what it is that they actually look for. To do this, start by checking out your website, your social media profiles, basically any where you’re listed online.

If you’re able to, ask a friend or business buddy to review your website and social media and give their honest feedback about their experience. They will notice things you missed or perhaps should add more so than you. Being so closely involved with what you do it’s easy to forget to add an imperative piece of information somewhere along the line.

When reviewing your business online, ask yourself or have your business buds answer;

  • Did they know who you were and what you did within seconds of visiting your site?
  • Could they easily find a way to contact you?
  • Were they able to buy your services?
  • Were all the links working?
  • How would you rate the overall experience of visiting the website? Did you find everything you were looking for?

Doing this exercise will enhance the experience of potential clients too so it’s really beneficial to do!

You can always consider a press area on your website too which could showcase previous published articles, an event speaker showreel, photos of you or your product, what topics you write or speak about, and your contact details.Whilst a press page isn’t essential, it is worth considering if you want the media to know you’re open to opportunities.

5) Become a thought leader in your field

Positioning yourself as an expert and go-to person in your field is a really exciting, albeit daunting, opportunity. It enables you to put your opinion on topics within your zone of genius out into the world for your audience to see.

To start becoming a thought leader in your field and an expert within your niche, consider commenting on news stories and industry issues. Journalists will always be writing about topics relating to or directly effecting your industry or services and when they do, you can become the person they want to talk to.

The law of attraction means by putting yourself ‘out there’ and sharing your expert comments and opinions you show the universe you are open to these opportunities… in other words, it won’t take long before the media see’s this and invites you to provide a comment rather than you be so proactive.

Media placements equal cool point… and cool points equal credibility. Thus creating intrigue from prospective clients which inevitably leads to sales Having your media coverage added to your website will assist in visitors wanting to buy from you immediately, saving you hours in sales calls convincing people how good you and your product is because they’ve already seen it first hand.

6) Take action!

You can have all the tips and tools in the world but unless you take action the opportunities probably will not come. The good news is, media opportunities are like buses, you may feel like nothing is happening then, oh wait, there’s 3 just round the corner.

Think about who you’d love to interview you, what magazine you know you are destined to be in, which podcast you’d love to be on… and send them an email pitch introducing yourself. Put those big girl pants on… what have you got to lose!


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