How to wow editors with an email pitch to get media coverage

 Live Training

Tuesday 27 June 2017

1.30pm BST / 8.30am EST

During this live training you will discover…
  • how to write an email pitch to wow editors and journalists
  • ways to make your pitch stand out and impossible to say no to
  • how to know where to pitch to and who your idea or business is perfect for
  • pitch clinic Q&A

I’m Kerri Walker, a Business Coach specialising in Marketing and PR. I’ve worked in the industry across various sectors for the last 14 years and set up my own consultancy practice 2 years ago.

I live for showing business owners and leaders how to promote their business and raise their profile with class in a way that is aligned to their personality.

You will learn so much on my live training, they are always strawberry jam packed full of nuggets to takeaway with you and I’ll be giving the A to your Q’s.

Find out more about me here.

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