I joined my very first Mastermind last year and I’m totally hooked. It was beyond frightening to commit to, not just because of the financial implications but mainly because it meant I was finally taking myself seriously as a business owner. I wanted to succeed and I knew I needed a support network around me as well as accountability to get to where I wanted (ok, needed) to be.

Mastermind groups are designed to help you through the collective intelligence of members. You can meet weekly, monthly, even connect daily, to discuss and solve challenges you are facing.

These groups do wonders for your business. I had my best income month ever after I joined my first Mastermind. While this is important, for me it’s about the personal development too and growing together with a group of others. That is pretty special!

Here’s 10 reasons why I looooove Masterminds…

  1. You create your own lady mafia
    Masterminds are a community, it feels like within a week or two you’ve known them for ages. You immediately have a group of people who will listen to you, support you through the ugly tears and offer guidance.
    Turning the tables, I love being part of a group that supports other business owners too. Successes and wins can be lonely to celebrate alone so having a group of people to share your news with lights me up.

  2. You get brand ambassadors
    When you’re in a Mastermind, other members will usually help when you launch something. They will share your blog posts, promote your products if it is relevant to their audience. They even buy your products or services themselves too. Referrals are so important, especially if you’ve just started out in business or you’re still growing so having your own team of brand ambassadors raving about your business is priceless.

  3. I’m no longer alone
    This kind of goes with creating a lady mafia BUT the loneliness deserves it’s own point. Running a business is hard, even isolating. Personally I have limited desk hours and a small child to raise so I don’t have much adult interaction, let alone time to talk business. A Mastermind gives me the opportunity to network and support in a space I’m comfortable in and I don’t need to travel to it, I can connect with them through my phone and laptop at convenient times.

  4. There’s chance to collaborate
    Often there will be people in your Mastermind that will have complimentary skills to yours and there is potential to then collaborate and work on projects together. I joined my first Mastermind last year as well as making lifelong friendships I also found a few people to work with. We have complimentary skills to each other and refer clients or work on projects together.
    Being in a Mastermind allows you to get to know the group in a way never possible through meeting at a networking group. There’s automatically a trust there and it allows you to nurture a really special relationship with the group.

  5. You get to learn so much
    All members of your group will have different skills and experiences. When sharing your own struggles, there is usually someone there who can help. Whether it’s a personal family issue or business related there’s often a solution given to your problem.
    Masterminds that focus on growing your business usually mean growing and developing you as a person first as well as give you the tools to get more clients etc. Learning mindset tricks as well as the business stuff for me is just crucial.
    Often Masterminds can have group calls, hot seats, extra training, Facebook groups to have daily access to the group and 1:1 access to the host.

  6. You do things you never thought possible
    Being surrounded by the support of your group somehow makes you think of much bigger dreams than you ever thought you could achieve. You can stretch yourselves beyond your comfort zone and usual boundaries.

  7. The success of others pushes you
    I’m a very competitive person. So naturally when I see someone in my Mastermind group doing something REALLY amazing I want in on it too. Instead of my old friends ‘Jealous’ and ‘Sobbing-through-envy’ coming to visit me, a bit of friendly competition definitely sets alight my fire again for me to take more action to get to where I want to be.

  8. You cut out the BS and have people invested in YOUR business
    It’s easy to ask Google for business advice or post in free Facebook groups but the fact that your Mastermind group has invested to be there means they are invested in the group members too.

    You don’t feel let down by people who promised to help you or disappointed that yet another lead has gone cold. Masterminds cut this out because everyone is has invested in themselves and to grow their business.

  9. You have accountability
    This one is HUGE. When we work alone it is easy to miss a deadline we set ourselves. Who will know right? Being in a Mastermind means you can have the group keep you accountable for things you promised you’d do (or launch!)

  10. Brainstorm ideas before launching
    It’s easy to run away with an idea before we’ve tested to see if the market want it or if people like the idea of it. It’s easy for us to create a product or service then whip up a sales page, tell our mailing list, post on social media etc but often we should get a group consensus on whether it’s a goer. You can share your ideas within your Mastermind group for feedback and to gain clarity on where to take it next.

Business Masterminds

I believe successful Mastermind groups are created from a place of nurture, trust and integrity. From being in a new Mastermind this year I have finally take my own dreams of hosting a Mastermind out of my notebook and into applications now being open.

If you are an entrepreneurial woman looking to grow your business, get more clients, position yourself as an authority in your niche and grow your business then you will not want to miss this…