Anyone who knows me know that I regularly say anyone and anything can be newsworthy. You just have to find your hook, that special something that will be of interest to someone. That someone being a podcast host, a magazine editor, a newspaper journalist or even a TV or radio show producer.

As a Publicity Coach I see myself as my own brochure. I have started taking my own advice to show my teachings are possible and how to make media coverage a reality for business owners. Last month I did just that and dug into my own past for a story to share.

I wanted to make a big impact and show how our personal journey to where we are right now can be used to gain media coverage for ourselves, our story or our cause, and perhaps a small mention of our business if it is right for the piece.

I decided to share my experience of how a bereavement initiated my consultancy business. I had a sick feeling in my stomach when I was writing a pitch to be included in a magazine about my story.


When I got a yes from Women’s Health magazine I was so nervous for the phone interview. Then when I was speaking to the journalist I realised there was NOTHING to be frightened of. It was almost like therapy talking about my grief. It was then that I realised I was definitely doing the right thing and sharing my story with others who may need help.

Setting clear work boundaries has given me my life back.

I highly recommend grabbing a copy of the magazine if you’re looking for incredibly easy-to-implement advice, research study stats to backup all the tips as well as a few case studies of women who worked themselves to breaking point. (Spoiler alert – I’m one of them!)

I opened up about something I haven’t shared even with loved ones in this feature. My experience of grief of the biggest kind.

So when you think you have nothing to share with the world, you absolutely do. Take pen to paper and think about things like what happened to have your light bulb moment and decide to start your business.

I guarantee you will have a story that the media will interested in!

Here’s my story and how I created a work life balance after reaching complete burnout…

Grab the Women’s Health magazine and read the entire piece from your local store or subscribe here.

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